Monday, September 8, 2008

Thrift shopping

Last weekend was all about vintage finds and so this weekend I finally made my way down to Praisehaven, the Salvation Army along Bukit Timah Road for some thrift shopping. When we arrived at the entrance of Praisehaven, there was a huge crowd (at least i think it's huge for a thrift shop) and the blasting of music, somewhat like a carnival going on. Coincidentally, they were celebrating their 6th Anniversary (or is it 16th or 60th? The music was too loud, i couldn't hear.) and early birds were given goodie bags, needless to say, i had one too.

The place is relatively small, a lot smaller than i'd have expected. I was amaze with the number of blazers people didn't want, now i can see how Thriftwares can display so many blazers a week for auction. There were racks and rack of men's & women's blazer (just what i'm looking for). I finally picked out 2 pin striped blazers and tried them on. I'd have gotten the other if Tik didn't mention that i looked like i was wearing someone else's blazer (but i was!). So, i thrifted a blazer (yay! deadstock, S$12, was S$20) and it fits me to a T. We picked up some bow tie (2 for S$5) as well as a cummerbund set (Comes with a bow tie too! S$6, was S$10).  They were having a sale to go along with the anniversary party, didn't know how much the discount rate was, we just paid whatever amount we were told. We wanted to shop longer but we ran out of cash after adding the items we have on hand, cause silly me thought they'd accept NETS. 

So, above is the 2 vintage belts i scored at Granny's day out last weekend + the bow tie thrifted from Praisehaven. I was trying to do a outfit post with the blazer but i couldn't capture it due to poor lighting in the room and somehow i'm still trying to work that blazer. I don't know if its my proportions, but i look odd. Karla works the blazer so effortlessly (envy! envy! envy!). I want that black/navy blazer with white trimmings, its gorgeous! The blazer is her signature style, she has one in almost every color. How does she do it?

I'm also thinking of changing the buttons on the blazer to gold nautical ones to give it a lil character. Now I can't wait to visit the one along Upper Serangoon Road!

PS: Can someone define thrifting? How much is considered thrift?

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  1. i'd want to see your outfit once you've got the groove going!

    i have a little fear about approaching blazers, plus the fact that i dont own one yet, i guess i cant try! haha.

    thrifting in singapore is expensive. i read some thrifting communities and people get really nice dresses for $2? but i'm thinking those are rural thrift shops. $1-$5 would get you stuff.

    when i was in nyc, hmm around $7-$20?

    yesterday i went to house of japan and got some vests, $15 a pop. expensive!