Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Disposable dress?

When I came across this post by Stephie of Fashionation, i was intrigued. I've heard of paper dolls and I know it comes with removable paper dresses for little girls to play with. But Paper dresses for you and me? Now, that's a first.

I did a search on ebay for more patterns of what it looks like and came across the exact same piece that Stephie was introducing from Dustbunny Vintage. I wonder how much they're going for at DBV cause this seller is selling the entire set of 4 by Harry Gordan 1968, in its original packaging at a starting bid of US$499.

Paper clothes were the epitome of the 'throwaway' culture of the 60's, it was an experimental fashion. It originally appeared in Australia in 1967, and paper outfits were stocked in several stores but consumers were skeptical about the quality and functionality of these clothes. Two years later the look returned but it was never took off. An example is the infamous Andy Warhol inspired pop-art paper souper dress - a wood pulp and cotton dress screen printed with campbell's soup tins. And of course another example would be the Harry Gordon's Poster dress which comes in a set of 5. These dresses are made to be worn only once or twice and then disposed away. There were a couple others on ebay, but just not as cool as this series.

The thought of paper dresses fascinates me but the idea of it, I'm skeptical too. But can you imagine the silhouette  these paper dresses will give? I'm so gonna love it! It's definitely a collectors item for vintage lovers.

source: Fashionation

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