Thursday, October 30, 2008

i heart kate

I NEED to have this. Isn't the puffy sleeves adorable?

Kate Moss for topshop

In the streets

Doesn't he look fabulous? I want that pants!

via the Sartorialist

Add another to the list

I freaking want this fleece overall! Oh god, i can roll, sleep, jump, run, do every and anything in them. It's priced at US$355  by Bless from OAK. This is going into my to-be-tailored list since i'm never gonna afford them (curse exchange rates). 

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Traditional vs Modern

This post if gonna be photo intensive. It was a Friday night of cam-whoring.

We were out to celebrate Tik's birthday and it was definitely a hell of a celebration. We had a Sou Tao (LongevityPeach) ordered before hand. For those who are not familiar Sou Tao (Longevity Peach) is a traditional "cake" thingy eaten during the birthday of a elderly. It is believed that it can prolong your life for an additional 500 years (yeah right!). Anyway, Tik is not exactly an elderly but it was hilarious. To indulge in the theme of a traditional birthday, we made reservations at Red Star Restaurant for a 9-course sit down chinese dinner, extremely kitchy i say. It's what we call "Jia Tok" i have no idea how to translate that.

the extremely ornamented ceiling.

Huge Sou Tao with baby Sou Taos hidden inside. Like some alien life form! We couldn't stop snapping. The cook thought it was a birthday celebration of some old folk.

To continue with the theme, we headed to New Majestic Hotel for drinks. New Majestic Hotel is a boutique hotel at Bukit Pasoh (Chinatown) with rooms designed by various artists.

And here is where all the snapping began.

It's freaky how the animals look so damn real!

All the following photos were taken against one wall. It kinda gave a mood with one spot of light source from the top. There were lots of art directing going on. We had photos that were good for advertising campaigns like the yellow ribbon project, drug addicts, child abuse, not exactly very happy. We probably shot enough for an entire portfolio in one night haha. Noelle's Sony cybershot took the best photos, they capture the mood of the lightings surrounding the area almost exactly like how it was. Unlike the Panasonic Lumix i was using, all the photos turned out extremely red, so when the individual shots were taken, it kinda look like girls from a red light district.

this shot works for a depression campaign. No?

The girls are endorsing Senada Theory.

irregular choice vs schu. Obviously the irregular choice wins!

dress: marc by marc jacobs
purple tights: far east plaza (I need a new one, it keeps sliding down)
shoes: yellow ballet flats/ schu
bag: massimo dutti

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Outfit: sailormoon?

I have been wearing this dress to death ever since i got it and it's definitely starting to show. There are pilling all over the fabric and the color is starting to fade. It is quite unfortunate cause I just discovered how fantastic it is with red tights (inspired by dottie of Fashion Nation). Any tips on restoring color (heh, i doubt)?

Dress: Dancing Riot/Bangkok
Tights: Livia
Shoes: Robinsons

Thursday, October 23, 2008

style icons: Separated at birth?

Don't they look like twin sisters separated at birth or long lost sisters? Both extremely kooky and quirky with impeccable style. They are officially my girl crushes of the moment!

Zooey Deschanel looks like a modern day snow white. In love with all things old (movies, music and vintage clothes) this young sweet thing has an old glamour charm that infuses into her personal style. She is an obvious trendsetter than a follower. Her quirky fashion sense never fail to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. She's cute and quirky, what's not to love!

Katy Perry on the other hand looks like a real live betty boop (only cuter and sexier!). Everything about her may seem vintage and pin-up-eques but this kooky singer is not afraid to experiment when it comes to fashion. There is always something whimsical about her outfit, from sequin banana to strawberry barrettes, she's definitely one stylish figure to watch.

Project Runway Finale

At the beginning of the latest season of Project Runway (season 5) I thought the designers were mediocre no one really stood out for me (Okay maybe 1 or 2 did), and maybe because we've seen fantastic designers from past seasons like Christian, Rami, Chloe and Jeffrey. But gradually, I started rooting for Leanne and i like Kenley's style (the vintage thing is adorable). Thankfully they made it to Bryant Park! 

I have been avoiding all S/S09 reviews that covers any part of the Project Runway finale in order to watch it myself. The anticipation builds especially having a glimpse of it on various blogs. I am in awe of the final collections coming from the finalist and I must say, it was a good show. Korto's collection was nice, but it didn't appeal much to me. They were just pretty pieces but i have to agree that they will appeal to many women out there. I did adore the color palette of her collection thou. Leanne and Kenley's stood out, and I'm so glad it did.

Leanne's collection is so Leanne. I'm a fan of architectural designs on clothings and I love the sculpture and wave-like pleats. This girl is really good! Some may say that her collection was too literally since the inspiration was waves, but i think otherwise. The soothing colors complimented the soft pleats and petals very nicely. It helped that she took the liberty to create ready to wear pieces from dresses to pants and jackets, it really showed her ability to create. And her craftsmanship was impeccable! They looked professionally done and can pass off as works of any shows during the week. I would wear every single piece from her collection. Did i mention that her wedding dress is divine? She can be the next vera wang. She is definitely on my fashion radar. 

Kenley's fellow designers calls her a one trick pony. And this one trick pony can really design a fabulous collection! Like Leanne's collection, Kenley's collection is just so Kenley. It has Kenley written all over the dresses. Her vintage inspired collection really appeal to me. It was kooky and quirky yet feminine. Each piece is a short story and the entire collection makes up the book. It has a dramatic silhouette which I like but i have to agree with the judges that it did look a little like Balenciaga's. What i really adore is that she hand painted the prints on the dress. I can really see her in the catagory of Betsey Johnson, a little bit of Luella and Anna Sui. This girl is creative and talented but she needs to work on her attitude. 

image source: fabsugar

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Outfit: In(vest)ment

The weekend bazaar at SMU was my first ever flea/bazaar stall, and even thou there were lots of quiet moments, it was still fun. Some readers came by, chatted with SMU Students and even one of the boutique owners at Haji Lane. It was our honour to have met all of you. We shed our sweats and earn some cash! Sales was alright, could have been better but all in all it was a great experience and we're definitely looking out for more fleas to participate in. To prove our participation we have some photos of the stall. We were too busy chit chatting we forgot to take people photos!

Snooze buttons are evil (I repeat, EVIL!)! I overslept this morning and broke a person record. Woke up, showered, got dressed and zoomed out of the house in 20 mins ( I even arrived at my usual time)! I managed to incorporate my newly bought vest into the outfit today. It's a basic slouchy vest at an unbelievable price for Topshop's standard. Especially with the escalating prices (imagine a slouchy tank for S$69) at Topshop these days, it was too good to be true, I grabbed it at an instant.

Dress: Uniqlo/Hong Kong
Vest: Topshop
Leggings: Topshop
Shoes: Ballet flats/Schu
Bag: Charles & Keith
Bow Necklace: Bangkok

P/S: Apologies for the lousy photo, there's actually polka dots printed on the leggings! I'm a lousy photographer.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I wanna ride with you

Okay, I know it's not the most practical bag to be lusting over (it's just a (SUPERHUGE!) clutch). BUT IT'S UBER CUTE! (Apologies for the lack of control) But the applique Rolls Royce at the flap is just so.. !!! (No words can describe). For US$1495 it is more costly than most of the handbags.

by the ever fabulous Marc Jacobs

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Simplicity at its best

Love the dress, need i say more? via garance dore

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happenings: Weekend Bazaar

Should you be in the vicinity or a student at SMU, please come down to the Weekend Bazaar at SMU School of Economics this Friday and Saturday 12pm - 10pm. I have a booth selling pre-loved, vintage and brand new apparels, shoes and bags as well as handmade accessories from my own etsy store. Tons of pieces from high street brands, menswear for those who love to create menswear inspired outfits (or for the bf), vintage pieces from our personal collection and many other pre-loved but brand new never worn before pieces. Lots of items for sale, in fact I think we might not have enough space for everything to be displayed!

Come down and say hi please!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lesson of the day, there's a first in everything

Okay, this sucks. I've bought over 20 items from ebay and this is my first time experiencing a non delivered item. It's been 4 weeks since the bid closed and till today, not a parcel in sight. I've emailed the seller twice and no reply. I've finally filed a dispute with paypal in order to get the seller to respond. No idea if that will work. I wonder what are the chances. Luckily, it was an inexpensive bid.

Anyone with similar experiences? Any idea what's next? Am I gonna see my money?


Monday, October 13, 2008

Strike a pose

Last week's URBAN did a feature on red carpet poses and somehow i suspect, they had fashion bloggers in mind.  For those not residing in Singapore, URBAN is a weekly fashion supplement that comes with our daily news paper. You can click on the images for a clearer read. Go on and practice your signature pose (just don't do a jolin tsai).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Goods: Granny's day out!

Updates coming up at SundayGoods! This week is all things vintage and granny-mama! Stay tuned, first batch of items should go up by tonight.

Testing 1,2 ... 3? 4? 5?

Okay, this is what i stayed up for all night. Testing out my new jacket, taking a cue from Gossip GIrl (the red tights), suggestions from jo (stripey dress) from wottoncool, and the rest are all my own imagination (whatever of it was left at 3am). It was fun playing dress up, but also kinda tiring. I've always wished that when dressing up, there is a undo/redo command like a computer. You know how sometimes you put on something and remove it, only wishing that you didn't remove it earlier? But it was the best option so you'll have to put it back on again, but having to remove the 2 layers you have on first? Yes, that's about how i feel when it comes to dressing up in general. Especially when you're already late and you only have 15mins to dress up.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obsession #474 - Harlequin

After spotting the Clothes Horse in this Harlequin print dress, it became my new obsession and mission to scrawl through the internet once again. I barely had any luck with ebay nor etsy, nothing came close to what I had in mind until i saw this on the runway of Moschino!

Black & white harlequin printed outfits with awesomely humongous bows! How can one resist? Now I'll just have to sit and wait for highstreet labels to rip off this look into their coming collections. Hurray for highstreet fashion!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Aye aye Captain!

This came in the post last week and now it's back from the dry cleaners. Remember my obsession with blazers and coats with contrast pipings? After a high and low search, scrolling thru pages after pages on ebay and etsy, this is the closest i found to what Blair Waldorf has. They may not be the perfect little coat like hers, but this is good enough. I got this from vintagemode on etsy, but it might not be vintage afterall. My mum thinks it looks formal and claims she used to have something like that (damnit! where is it mummy?). With those cute little collar, huge fabric buttons, fake contrasting pockets and sleeves, I wonder, which part of it screams formal? What the heck, vintage, formal or not, its adorable and I'm loving it.  

Now, what should i be wearing them with? Suggestions, suggestions! Can't wait to put them on.

image source: vintagemode

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

in the Pink of health

In support of womanhood, victims and survivors of breast cancer, let's try to incorporate Pink into our daily outfits for this entire month of October. Take a cue from these stylish people in the streets. Dress fully in Pink or subtle details in which ever way you prefer. Now I'm desperately trying to dig out whatever Pinks i have in my wardrobe and fit them into my daily wears. 

Let's paint the town Pink!

Monday, October 6, 2008

COMME home with me

I want the pants, jacket, shoes, bag, wallet and shirt! This collection from H&M by Comme des Garcons is so gonna sell out. Polka dots are hard to resist, polka dots by Comme des Garcons is a MUST have. As well as the deconstructed style jackets with oh-so-adorable collars! Peter pan collars + polka dots = ultra cuteness I cannot say no to. God help me get a piece of this collaboration! Even the men's collection is uber cute. Look at those huge dotted bermudas matched with the same tee (looks like a full jumpsuit!).

images via Nitro-licious

Sculpture square

Another fantastic dresser spotted by the Facehunter during Paris Fashion Week. The layering looks sculpted and not at all bulky. The sea of blues and dashes of greys are awesome with reds peeping out of some corners. It has the feel of Bottega Veneta's Fall 2008 tone on tone styling but interpreted to streetstyle. Genius!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

outfit: Casualness

We've completed our artsy quota for the year all in a Saturday afternoon. Headed to the Singapore Biennale 2008 at the South Beach Development for a look see, there are a few installation pieces that are actually quite good and worth the time. So, I spend my Saturday in a all casual tee and denim ensemble. Something that's comfortable for a humid afternoon, should have swop the jeans for shorts instead! Anyway I threw on a statement necklace to jazz up the outfit a lttle.

We've gotten a confirmation and got a slot at the coming Weekend Bazaar at SMU on the 17/18 Oct! I've never been to one before and i have no idea what the crowd is like. So should there be any students from SMU, please give me a heads up of what to expect. Truly appreciate it. We've got tons of pre-loved goods (ladies and menswear) to clear, some pre-loved vintage from our own collection as well as brand new pieces for sale. Pieces starts from S$5, so come down and shop with us!

Top: Button tee/topshop
necklace: own design/tuu:shop
jeans: Gap
Shoes: tangs
Bag: perfect combination/ Bangkok

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Outfit - Past few days

Okay this week came and almost gone in a flash. Fash-bash was great and packed with ladies, it was a fashion mad house, but everyone were nice and polite even with all the squeezing. There were tons of good buys from the various sellers, many were giving 20% off and additional discounts for cash payments etc. I'm sure many had scored fabulous deals from baylene, the pieces were going at a great steal! As far as I'm concerned, I was trying to keep my wallet in my bag for as long as possible. Well, I managed to resist the temptation from all that glorious clothes calling out. Tried a couple of pieces here and there but didn't buy any, I have to save for a trip. Oh, the Swirl girls are lovely! So were many other sellers. Think i spotted a couple of familiar faced, was too shy to say hi. :) Sarah from wottoncool is so much taller in person (compared to photos)!! I felt like a midget standing beside her.

Okay, below is the outfit i wore on Monday. And this photo was taking in the fitting room while trying on my new jumper dress worn yesterday! The top is vintage, from etsy, it's really cute. It has a irregular clown-like collar. The sleeves used to be really long with some puffing and ruffles, but it was way too oversized and I felt it needs less, hence it was shorten. The original can be seen here.

top: vintage/etsy
belt: from another dress/ mango
pants: G2000
shoes: vintage/ebay

So, here's another doodle of what i wore yesterday, all the shopping and we forgot to take proper photos! And pl was acting shy and all. I was pulling off the jumper straps to try on clothes at the individual stalls, no image retained! Oh, and i have a new do! To quote my hair stylist, it's a boxy bob. Looks more round than boxy to me. But nonetheless, i LOVE it! I've never really dislike any cut done by him. His cuts last pretty long for a short hair standard. No complains. 

top: paul smith pink/ club21
dress: denim jumper/pull and bear
shoes: yellow ballet flats/ schu
bag: faux croc granny bag/ Urban oufitters

I forgot to add the string of red plastic beaded necklace i was wearing! The outfit yesterday was spring inspired, cute florals, light denim and candied colored accessories.