Thursday, September 18, 2008

Red Hot Chili Peppers

After getting hold of my chili red tights, i needed some inspiration on how to wear them. Of course, my first source is the original inspiration - Gossip Girl. I notice how Blair Waldorf always pair them with navy blue blazers as part of her school attire (i mentioned this before, school uniform here is boring). I needed more options, so this is where the rest of the street wear / style sites come in. I've scrolled thru hundreds of pages (I'm not kidding!), and these are my top picks!

I created my own wear palette using these photos and notice how blue is always the option to pair red tights with. Some play it up with mustard and browns, they seem to compliment the red pretty nicely too. And i definitely dig how Ranna of only shallow spiced up a black and white ensemble with shocking red tights. Now i only need a bow as cute as hers!

Even the kids are having fun with red!

images: facehunter, wardrobe remixer, chictopia, lookbook, only shallow, fashionation, vintage society, flickr


  1. Love this post! I just got some purple tights too and now you get me wondering if I should have bought red instead! You got some really lovely pictures there!

  2. thanks! Purple's good, i have a pair too. But there's no harm getting more colors. I've been looking for a plume, something between purple and maroon.

  3. ok now i really feel like trying red leggings...

    i used to think that only people who like goth/punk will wear it... with black dresses etc but it can look pretty chic i guess.