Monday, September 8, 2008

Melly, this one's for you!

This post is for Melly of Greenlaundry. It's the long overdue photo i promised of the Faux patent croc bag from Urban Outfitters. It's not as glossy and shiny as compared to the photo they posted (Photoshopped!!). I'm not sure if it is still available in this color, but the black is equally pretty (my friend has it)! :) Oh the buckle sucks, dropped off a couple of times, but easily fixed. 

But i still love it. It's so granny-mama. 


  1. yay for granny style! I love this!

    PS: I'm a graphic designer too! <3

  2. OH, you actually remembered! It's a shape i will always covet i guess, is it a doctor bag? I can't be sure.

    One reader showed me a similar bag on forever21's website, but in a weird colour i think. Yours is perfect :)

  3. hi melly, of course i remember! its not exactly a doctor's bag, but pretty close thou. its really roomy inside! go order one if its still available, you'd love it!