Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall in love

I finally understand my affection for Fall, coats and everything else that comes along with the season. When i was younger, my mum used to dress me in oversized knits paired with psychedelic leggings during the monsoon months, I was hell of a hip kid (mummy had great taste!). That warmth and feeling fabulously as a kid has been buried inside me for the longest time. And of late, I've learn to appreciate clothes and the seasons, and that feeling is just waiting to be unleashed. 

With the recent downpours, I'd wake up with a bright lit on my face (even when i dread going to work). I'd pull out my thicker knits and tights out to play. I'm terribly afraid of the heat, i'd avoid tights at all cost during those weather. Unfortunately, even thou with my scope of work, i find brightly colored tights (my new obsession) unsuitable for this office environment (there's still black, grey and eggplant). This is the best time for laying and still feeling cosy and warm throughout. Reminiscing my childhood days all over again.. 

I started doodling, and decided to give it a go of what I'm wearing on Friday. I'm wearing my new fire engine red vintage shoes from ebay! Got them in the post on Thursday and I was grinning with glee when I saw them. They're just perfect! And in mint condition too. I forgot to add the blazer i'm wearing in the drawing, opps.

Dress: Laura Lee for Topshop
Tights: Black tights from Topshop
Shoes: Vintage/ Ebay

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  1. i know what you mean about being inspired by the seasons - i'm so excited for it being cold enough for big coats & thick knits! (: