Friday, December 26, 2008

random things...

Happy Holidays! This may be a day late for the actual Christmas greetings, but hey, theres 12 days of Christmas right. It has been a hectic week at work, home and all the festive preparation. So before i indulge in more festivities and leave for Hong Kong (long awaited break!) here are some random inspiration...

Retro looking chair from Norway, Precious by Katherine, nice! via Bloesem

A spectacular balloon canopy by Gustafson Porter for the Venice Architectural Biennale. Looks like a perfect display for a wedding garden party. via a cup of jo

The simplicity of it all... via black*eiffel

Zooey Deschanel... need i say more? via vain and vapid

Effortlessly chic, Betty has always been an inspiration. via le blog de betty

Just in case i get too lazy to write another post before my trip, Have a Happy & Awesome New Year! (i know you would) See you in 2009!

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's been a week?!

Last week was pure madness, I've been slogging my ass at work all week with little/no time to blog. Blame it all on the festivities, and since I'll be away for the entire week soon, colleagues are rushing for everything to be done and out before i leave. 

So there were some last minute shopping and catch up over the weekend before the holidays arrive. And since I was in town, I dropped by the newly open Sephora. The newest kid in town from France. It is the playground for all beauty junkies. What i totally adore is that consumers are free to touch and test products without the consultants hovering around you (unlike most beauty counters at department stores). And best of all, prices are right before your eyes, no need to overturn products (or ask) for price tags. It is a stress free beauty shopping environment. 

The Sephora cosmetic gondolas are slightly too close for comfort, but the palettes of cosmetic products will lure you into squeezing with the crowd. Lip gloss galore, in huge tubes for just 20bucks per pop and an eye shadow palette of 5-6shade for 32bucks. You get the idea. Sephora has also introduced new brands into the island such as two-faced, becca and i.d Bareminerals. Just make a mental note that these are pricer than purchasing online (what isn't now a days!).

If you're looking for gifts within the $20 and below range, go check out their toiletry collection, in tubes of high saturated hues, these babies make fantastic holiday gifts. Huge tubes of bath gel, bath scrub and body lotion in up to 10 different scents to choose from (im diggin the grapefruit ones) all below 20 bucks. They smell so yummy, I might just lick them all up while bathing. They have these small tubes of mist spray in the size of lip glosses for 10 bucks each (great for the office gift exchange!). And best of all, they provide gift wrapping free! In fancy red sheets, the staffs there will wrap your pressies in various holiday style. 

My only complain, why no NARS! Maybe with more consumer requests, they might just bring it in soon. Anyway, there are plans for 2-3 more stores on its way here! Go beautify yourself for Christmas! Have you gotten your Christmas dress yet?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

wishlist: denim fever

this little denim number from topshop will fit in nicely into my collection of dresses... *hint it's in my wishlist, just in case.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happenings: Shop till you drop!

This weekend is gonna be hell of a Retail Therapy for everyone. While i do only window shopping and try practice some self-control, take out your plastics ladies and read on...

1. BCBGMACAZRIA, French Connection and Island Shop Bazaar, Up to 70% off
11 dec - 14dec, 10am - 9pm daily, Wisma Atria 14 Floor
• Additional 10% for Citibank Cardmembers

2. Anteprima and Anteprima Plastiq Warehouse Sale, Up to 70% off
12 dec & 13 dec, 10am - 6pm, 25o Henderson Rd, Henderson Industrial Park #04-02
• Additional 10% for Citibank Cardmembers

3. Mango Sale, Up to 50% storewide
If you haven't already been to any of the stores, do drop by at odd hours to avoid the mad crowd! From what I've heard, it's a jungle. One of their best sales so far.

4. Paul & Joe and Givenchy COSMETICS Warehouse Sale
12 dec - 14 dec, 10am - 7pm daily, 6 Jalan Kilang 
This one is just across the road from my office. There are other branded perfumes as well but if you're a fan of Paul & Joe cosmetics, don't miss this one. Cosmetic bags, brushes etc. Lipsticks from 12bucks, blusher from 10bucks, Mascara from 16bucks. The Givenchy stuffs are about the same price range. 

till then... shop on!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

that little black dress

So, everyone's busy with Christmas shopping and looking for the perfect little number for the night out. I've decided to save on some cash for my spree in Hong Kong and wear a piece from my existing wardrobe that hasn't been worn. But Christmas would be perfect with this vintage LBD. That bow is enough to knock me off my chair right now.

if you have the cash to spare and still looking for that perfect dress, go on and bid here, ends in 3 days! Or if you're feeling a little adventurous, take a black waisted cocktail dress and embellish it with a huge bow in a fabric of your choice (I might just be doing just that for kicks!).

If big bows are not your thing (How is that humanly possible!), then these are also Christmas worthy LDBs. The heart-shape bustier dress is a classic piece on its own without looking old. And one-shoulder pieces are so in this season. Topped with a bow (opps) and ruffles, there's so much to love about this dress (i'm getting a little Lanvin vibe from it). 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Benefit this!

Being an industry insider of making things pretty and applying sweet talking thru copy, I of all the many consumers should have known better that it is all about product branding and everything that comes along with it, and that includes really really really cute packaging. But having known all that, I am still SUCKERED into the fancy brand image and pretty boxes of Benefit Cosmetics (See how cute the logo looks with the italicized 'f'?). The Benefit counters are the ones that really stand out among the sea of (black and white) cosmetic counters at the departmental stores. 

First impression - how can you resist good-looking packaging with pin-up looking mannequin-like girls like Gabbi, Lana and Betty? They have names! Not forgetting the perfect whacky product names like ''Some kind-o Gorgeous" (foundation), "get even!'' (press powder) and "high beam" (highlighter. I WANT!). The brand became famous for delivering quick fixes for every gal's peskiest beauty dilemma in the most light-hearted way possible with good products and whacky one liners. SEE! it's all about branding and those fancy names and description isn't helping me to stay sane. It's like playing make up with your little niece's play set!

I hope these products deliver what they promise (all that sweet talking), I have so much hopes for them. TheGloss (lip gloss) is doing it's job as we speak, no complains yet. One major complain thou, it cost approximately 15% more from the counters than purchasing them online. Pretty packages + laugh-out-loud names, what else can you ask for? Besides, dollin' up's supposed to be fun, no?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Wishlist #134, 039

One of the many things I'd so love to receive, especially one from a Robin blue box.

If Santa's reading, I promise to be good. :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Girl from down under

There's just something about the air in Australia that makes one goes 'ah....' and a this girl from down under makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Love the lightness of her outfit against her jet black hair. via the facehunter

The infamous Ivan aka the facehunter is in town till tomorrow, and I can't wait to see the styles of Singapore that he captures. I hope he doesn't get disappointed since we're known for the shorts and flip flops. So dress up and head out people, you don't know who you'll be running into. 

Monday, November 24, 2008

Winter in Hong Kong

NEWS FLASH! I'll be spending the new year in Hong Kong (my long awaited break!). I need to know how cold will it get and how warm should i keep. When i think of New year's day in Hong Kong, I think of Andy Lau in the streets wearing a trench, it's probably a scene from some movie i've seen. But seriously, I need to know how thick my jackets/coats should be. Are boots mandatory or are flats sufficient? I've been to Hong Kong in September mostly and the weather is just like sunny Singapore, so any and everything about winter in Hong Kong will be great, thanks!

I'd love to look like these ladies during those times, warm and snuggly under those coats and layers. I'm already preparing for my holiday wardrobe.

images: stockholm streetstyle, garance dore, copenhagen streetstyle

Friday, November 21, 2008

bangs bangs bangs

I have been thinking a lot about Heidi's bangs. They're longer and choppier than the blunt ones I have right now. Very cute. I am getting sick of wearing the same bob for the past I don't know how long, 2/3 years? My hair has reached its set point, it grows back to the same look after every cut (it has a 3 months span). I'm not complaining about my hair stylist, I think among all the stylist I've gone to, Gil is the best. His cut allows my hair to outgrow nicely without having to return for another cut after 3 months. It's the set point that's annoying me.

Now, I wonder if this will work for me but in a shorter form. I can never grow my hair this long. And besides, I have a tendency to tie them once it reaches a certain length. I'm only afraid it might just make my face look a lot rounder than it already is!

what do you think?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New best friend

I have never been a make up girl, i guess my vanity for make up came late. Or it could be due to the fact that I have acne prone skin, and somehow make up causes the out break to worsen. But with the new revolution of make ups and the discovery of mineral foundation, this is now my new best friend. The wonders of a foundation, a little pump and spread, voila even complexion! A tiny squeeze of some cream blusher and you'll get naturally rosy cheeks. Why wasn't mineral make up discovered earlier? I'm taking baby steps with the make up to avoid the drastic change from sans make up to a fully powdered face. 

So, some help here. What are the BASIC items to purchase? I have a liquid foundation (M.A.C), power foundation (Loreal) and cream blusher (body shop), oh yes and a gel make up remover (clinique). I need to know what are the things I need to complete an au natural look (on a budget) and the after care to avoid nasty break out. Not forgetting I'm in glasses 24/7 so heavy eye make up is not recommended. 

Recommendations on a lip balm would be great too! I know many rave about Kiehl's lip balm, but that does not work for me. I have been using it for months now but my lips are still chapped. I've read about Pin Up Balm, it seems awesome especially with the reviews on the irresistible  flavours. But I'm steered towards the packaging more than anything else.

Discovering make up is like discovering hot fudge on sunday! How can one go without it for so long.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i heart Paraphernalia

Paraphernalia just launched their new store online with 2 brand new collections (New bracelets available! See above). And Ms Vanda is offering a 10% discount on all purchases from now till 30 Nov! Go grab that piece you've always wanted or get one for someone you love this Christmas. It is an awesome piece of accessory to have. I swear by mine and getting ready to get another (choosing which to buy is the tough part).

Is she back? is back online, does that mean Agatha will be blogging again anytime soon? Well, i'm archiving every inspiring photo of her before it disappears on me again. I need inspiration for lazy days.

She's one legendary fashion blogger with a great sense of style. 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

outfit: the boyfriend jeans

The weather has been pretty wet lately and this calls for all things long and warm. In my opinion, this is a good weather for dressing up. So out comes the blazers, jackets and tights. Unfortunately we have not reached a temperature where we can walk around freely in layers of scarfs around the neck (that would be awesome!). Sadly it's just rain, rain and more rain. My favorite pair of ballet flats will soon be ruined by the rain. 

top: white tee/topshop
jeans: fcuk/belongs to tik
blazer: thrifted/salvation army
necklace: pull and bear
bag: charles and keith
shoes: flats/shu

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the casual poet

With that barrette and cape-like coat, she looks like a modern day Shakespeare. Cute.

Monday, November 10, 2008

for art sake

we braved the scorching sun and headed to City Hall, one of the Singapore Biennale site. Lucky for us, the building has air conditioning. It was one freaking hot Saturday afternoon. Some random photos from the exhibit in poladroids (Im poladroiding everything).

Kids Biennale area. We've quite a bunch of talented little ones in this small country.

Oh this is interesting. There's a pulley system that will undo the knitted vines leaving them in a pile of wool thread.

Video installation, the one below is tik being "integrated" into the picture.

a nursery of flowers laser cut from metal pieces, extremely intricate.

floating book, at some point it looks kinda like a jelly fish.


a hell lot of paint! it was featured on an entire wall at the entrance.

and that's me, standing in front of an art installation.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

life in the sea

I have been looking for a pair of shoes (preferably flats) in the shade of mint green / sea foam but it seems almost impossible to find. Though I happen to chance upon a pretty pair of classic mary-jane with chunky heels in a refreshing peppermint green, the S$109 (discounted) price tag seems a little steep for the pockets. Considering I ain't good with heels, I continue my hunt for this pretty shade of green in various forms. My initial point of search always start with ebay or etsy, and definitely vintage.

This vintage Lanvin shirt has the most adorable little illustrations of birds on a line and houses. 

I've been contemplating about this jumper darling. It's so adorable, and perfect with tights. So, what's holding me back? I'm not sure either.

I'm a sucker for vintage suitcases and this tapestry overnight case is no exception. I love old movies with people carrying vintage suitcases waiting at train stations, that scene is strongly set in my head. Somehow i've always wanted one despite knowing that it will not even be sufficient for light traveling. How do they stuff things into those little cases? Especially in eras where women are seen in flouncy dresses and men in tux and suits. In my opinion, with one of those, it will make a perfect traveling photo.

But alas, this perfect shade of sea foam pumps, unfortunately not my size. I'm at a lost for words when it comes to describing this pair of shoe. Just... pretty.

images: all from etsy

make an investment

I've been thinking about vintage "investment" (aka designer) pieces lately, like the Ferragamo Vara pumps i scored on ebay some time back (I still aim to buy the iconic varina when on sale of course). I've started to search beyond just shoes, and most of the times there are really unique pieces out there to be found. With a little patience and pocket loads of cash, anyone can own a designer piece from the past. 

This vintage Lanvin pendant necklace stands at US$227.50 and ends in 2 days. It's wayyyyy beyond what I can afford.

I am so in love with this vintage Ferragamo purse/clutch. It's my first time seeing this design. Slap a pretty bow on anything and I'm sold. Already at US$68, I doubt it will stay at that price for long. Place your highest bid and show me your win!

sources: ebay

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

vintage ain't just about the clothes

During the usual etsy surfing for vintage clothes, I somehow chanced upon these vintage electronic home wares and "toys". I am in total awe that according to the seller, most of these items are still in working condition. Let's go down the list...

Okay, this is about the most adorable telephone I have ever seen! I mean i've seen many types of vintage phones, but this baby pink donut shaped one is uber cute! It is a circa 1970s phone and still in working condition. It features a faux rotary dial with flash, redial, ringer and receiver volume control, what more do you need right? If i have a home of my own, this will be in it.

Anyone can guess what this is? Apparently, it is a 1964 Kenner easy bake oven. Extremely rare (I Bet it is!) and still in "working" condition. Though it lights up and gets heated, i doubt you can seriously 'bake' with it, can you? I'm no expert. Maybe you can, maybe you can't (how do you even know how to operate it?), but what the heck,  it's gonna be hell cool to have one of this on display in the house. It will definitely be a conversational piece for party guests. An guess what, it only stands at 14" high (I have bags much bigger than this thing!)

*The Easy Bake over was born in Kenner in 1963. It is a working toy oven. After its "official" introductory at a toy fair in 1964, more than 500,000 units were sold. The initial retail price was $15.99. By 1967, more than 2 million sets were sold in the United States.

okay, this one is pretty straight forward, it's a 1968 Suzy Homemaker mixer for girls. Looks pretty much like the ones we use in this century. This set, may not work, but it's ultimately adorable. The robin blue is enough to make my heart flutter.

THIS! is freaking cute! It is a circa 1949 made by Taylor Tot baby stroller / toddler walker. It features a metal body with working brakes and removable handles with a play/snack tray for the little ones. It will be the perfect shower gift for any vintage mum to be! No doubt there will be rusting due to age, but that's what vintage is about, the beauty of the wears and tears yet surviving till this very day. Kid or no kid, i'd love to have one just for display. 

All items from jess james jake

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Better late than never

Had my eyes set on Paraphernalia's jewelry forever (ever since Agatha of stylebytes got hers) but never got down to purchasing it. When pl gave me her birthday wishlist and this cat tail brooch was in the list, i knew i had to get something for myself too! So she got the brooch she wanted (she's very pleased) and i had a hard time deciding between the magpie and this Labyrinth necklace. It took me 2 days to finally decide which to purchase, I must admit, I was tempted by every single design! 

So finally, i hit the purchase button, I knew it wouldn't arrive in time for her birthday so i kept it a surprise. I waited forever and it never arrived. Miss Vanda of Paraphernalia replied and offered a nice gesture, but we held on and waited. And after 4 freaking weeks, it finally arrive in the post! It doesn't usually take this long but somehow it did. I was actually beginning to lose hope. Anyway, I have been wearing mine for days in a row, it's pure love. I seriously think it has become a staple accessory in my wardrobe, fantastic for layering. I need more designs for variety. 

ps. Melly thanks for poladroid! I finally downloaded it and I swear im gonna use it on everything!

Monday, November 3, 2008

tea for three

Somehow it just happened. I met up with melly and sarah on a bright sunny afternoon for the preview of the new collection at Bianca, it was officially my first bloggers meet up. I never thought i'd ever had done it in the first place. wow. Anyway, Melly and I went to school today, so technically we already knew each other (we even took neo prints together back then!). But that was eons ago and we've lost all contact only until recently through blogging. Sarah is a fellow blogger and somehow there is a certain "connection" that lead us to finally meet up.

Anyway, Sarah beat me to it by blogging about it first, but i had to wait cause all the photos are with her anyway. We had drinks and snacks (gossips included of course) at The Coffee Nation, light shopping along Haji Lane and headed to Front Row at Ann Siang Hill. There's a sale going on at Front Row right now, the pieces are lovely and the prices are still some what steep. But all in all it was a lovely afternoon with the girls, these girls are very real and fun to be around. 

I hope there will be more of such to come ladies! And next time we'll have real desserts with coffee! Thanks for the lovely afternoon.

images courtesy of sarah