Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Remember the last time when you bought a pair of shoe on impulse even thou it was a size too snug? Or that dress you bought as a motivation to lose 5 pounds but never got round to it? What about the time when you needed to shake off the stress and went on a retail buying frenzy and bought one to many things on an impulse just because it felt good? Or maybe some of us just put on (or lose) a pound to many and could no longer fit into some of our favorite pieces (good for you if you've lost the weight instead!). While for some of us, like how seasons change, so does our personal style. Well, that's just how we feel and hence the birth of sundaygoods

Sometimes we feel we've nothing to wear even though we have a closet full of clothes staring back at us. And oddly, it seems sinful (yeah right!) to be purchasing new pieces when we are constantly searching for more closet space! So in order to expand our closet space (and pockets to be honest!), we've decided to share our pre-loved and vintage goods with all. 

Like flea market and thrift shopping on sunday mornings, sundaygoods bring you thrift and vintage goods all through the week. Once loved by us, now looking for a new lease of life in a new wardrobe. We try to keep our listings in a theme and items within a set will be listed through the week. So remember to swing by for updates and new goods!

Please feel free to drop by anytime of the day, we are open 24/7! We would REALLY appreciate if you could spread the word (and love) to all those you know who'll appreciate a good buy! Or if you could do a mention on your personal blogs, we'll be glad to provide whatever information and images needed. 

For our first set, we present you - Bohemian Rhapsody. A mix of bright and muted tones, these are pieces you can carry from summer to fall! Above is a mini preview, so stay tuned, we promise pieces will go up later today!

Sundaygoods is a new blogspot, we're still developing new concepts and ideas to share! 
p/s we ship international too!

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