Monday, September 1, 2008

Everyone enjoys a good bargain

This weekend was all about bargain buys (unintentionally) and vintage shopping. And once again i bought one too many. Let's count the purchases...

1. a blue tunic from GG5 at 50% off
2. a pair of coral heels by Marble Ink from Robinsons at 50% off
3. 2 pairs of vintage belt from Granny's Day Out at 40% off (they are having a store wide sale of 40% till 14 Sept)
4. an avant garde black and white gingham top from Deja Vu Vintage at S$10 off (i found some cathay vouchers lying around)

And i scored this dress from Sally Jane Vintage at its lowest! This was a surprise, there was 4 hours to go and i couldn't wait so i placed my bid and went to sleep (hey it rhymes!)

And so, for all that i've spend, i think there's a need to make up for it. I've finally taken photos for some new pieces to add into my etsy store. There's a real mix in style, something for everyone (i hope). Here's a preview of some of the items.

I will also be putting up some of my shoes for sale. Never been worn before pairs. I know etsy's for selling vintage and handmade goods, should i risk putting them in there? Or should i have an ebay store set up? Or another blog for pre-loved goods? Suggestions?


  1. Girly! How much you selling your cat/bird cage necklace for? I am uber interested in it! Drop me a hola!

  2. Whenever i put in a bid and go to sleep, i never win!

    Well i guess it depends what kinda shoes you selling? If they're anything like oxfords then you could sell them for alot on ebay. Cos people are gonna bid like crazy!

    Ok, i have my first guess. Larissa?

  3. sarah, i've dropped you an email. thanks for the keen interest!

    melly, you ARE good! spot on! i'm keeping my oxfords haha!

  4. woohoo! wow, i even rem the neoprint we took right at the start of my first year, with Elaine?

    so what you been up to!

  5. Girl you are good! did i already said that previously? Man! we even took a neoprint? hahah Yes with we got acquinted via Elaine.

    Nothing's much up, just work. Looks like things been going great for you! Glad to see that