Tuesday, September 16, 2008

obsession #224 - Blazer

I've been obsessing over blazers for a while now and i've thrifted one lately. But i can't keep my mind off the ones with contrasting piping details! As seen on Gossip Girl, worn by Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf (aren't they perfect together?) as well as other bloggers (e.g Sarah and Karla, i love your blazers!). I want one of those!! I've been scrolling thru pages of vintage sites and came across this vintage piece by Christian Dior, going for AU$255 (gasp!). 

vintage blazer from Claire Incorruptible
Chuck bass/Blair Waldorf images from Flickr


  1. Another reason to want a contrasting blazer!


  2. You are not helping me!!! damnit! i NEED one of those!

  3. I know what you mean, I've found three perfect blazers so far in the past four months or so but none with contrasting piping!! Argh!