Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big fat bow!

Its quite evident how much i adore bows. And there is no exception when i saw this...

image source: maki loulou

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

purple mocassini

These men really know how to break a conventional look. And who says the men don't get it?

image source: the sartorialist

head turners

This is a fashion route i've not ventured into but have always been a fan of hats and head gears. It makes an awesome statement. Unfortunately, wearing fedoras or vintage head pieces isn't a common thing here in Singapore. You'd expect a lot of stares and unwanted attention. And the ironic thing is that hats are extremely great for our kind of weather here, but the only common thing worn are baseball caps. But i guess one can start simple with a fancy head band or a scarf tied up. Or make a bolder statement like the lady below. No head piece required, just one hell of an attitude!

Monday, July 28, 2008

color intervention

The subtleness of color in the first photo and the divine white with the saturated colors popping in the second is simply incredible. A very nice contrast when seen as a set.

You can find more works by Muiz Anwar in flickr.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

lace it

For those inspired by Prada's Fall/Winter collection on lace, here's a handful of vintage pieces that is demure and not over the top sexy. Romantic, modern and playful all into one. 

If you're a lace-virgin and wanna start small, this applique lace dress from thriftwares is extremely modern and easy to pull off. Lace applique details on a chiffon layered tent mini dress.

I totally dig this avant garde structural lace piece from sally jane vintage. It has the structure of something more masculine, but when draped in lace, it becomes feminine with a quirky twist. It's an incredible statement piece. 

image source: sally jane vintage, thriftwares, time's up vintage, nastygal vintage

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sweet like candy

The most coveted pair of shoes ever (i say that for every thing i adore), the Iconic Varina by Ferragamo. Don't they look so pretty and sweet like candy? 

Dear fairy-shoe-mother, Please send me a pair of those in fuschia, green and black. I promise to be good.

thank you.

3 tiers

tiered skirt, tiered top, tiered sleeves. What else can we tier?

image source: the sartorialist and facehunter

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Its been quite a while since i've gotten hold of a copy of RUSSH Australia. It seems like the magazine has banished from the island and i wonder why.. The Australian magazine is known for its less mainstream fashion and edgier articles. Less than a year ago they launched RUSSH Japan, i wonder if i can get it here... Have never seen it at Kinokuniya.

Can anyone tell me where i can get both in Singapore?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i heart marc

its a marc jacobs week. i love marc jacobs, and i can't stop saying it. These are my top picks! From both marc jacobs and marc by marc jacobs. 

100% Cyan! Seems like the in color right now. Pleating and ruffles makes me weak at the knees.

Love love love the pretty bow and the peter pan collar. Some things are made to be sweet and simple.

Prints, pleats and gold buttons. Just plain lovely.

Last but not least, these AMAZING enormous structured bow dresses are the most coveted dresses ever. Im in love and totally speechless. 

Marc by marc jacobs (Singapore) is now having a further mark down to 50% off. Sadly, i need to save up for a trip. sigh.

Mr Jacobs, if you ever read this, you're fantabulous! And i would love to have any of these dress!

little marc

i have a certain weakness for kids apparel and i certainly wish that these came in my size! They are oh-so-adorable!!! 

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Project DIY-01

This necklace from ASOS will be my next DIY project. i love the layering and mixture of chains. 

Animal kingdom

These will surely add some life to a shelf of books! Isn't it cute?
Designed by Hiroshi Sasagawa

source: h-concept via lost via laissezfaire

Saturday, July 19, 2008

cold turkey

I just finished watching Season one of Gossip Girl online, im hooked and i need more! Since when school uniform gotten so cool!? Im gonna miss those awesome headbands, candy colored stockings, bows and more bows! when will season two be showing! i need my fix!

I need to get more colored stockings, any recommendations on where i can find extremely solid stockings in red, yellow, orange, oooh those aqua green one looks great too! I got a pair of 120 denier purple stockings, thou it may be thick but their made for midgets! When removed from the packaging, its only one arm's length. It doesn't stay up, and kept riding down my hips cause its too short! and im not even tall to begin with. 

Friday, July 18, 2008

Enchanted forest

This dress by Abigail Lorick is simply amazing. Love the classic bustier cut and the somewhat playful print on a dark navy background. The close up of the print shows little blue birds on gold/bronze twigs.

food for thought

You can imprint your food with initials or dominate your food with 'mine' and a matching bowl to go along. Perfect for food playing. Designed by Kathryn Hinton

source: laissezfaire via dezeen

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

a hidden surprise

okay, i absolutely adore things with hidden surprises, like a white dress with pretty floral lining on the inside, or the marc by marc jacobs turnlock bag lined with the apple print fabric.. 

But this acorn necklace by Wendy Brandes tops it all. An innocent acorn necklace opens up to reveal a little squirrel! In 18k yellow gold, there's a price tag on it too, US$6000. i don't think my eyes are playing trick on me. 

source: via Milk

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

marc my words

i want this! Can somebody send it over to me please!!  i doubt you can get this here on tiny Singapore.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Red hot

love the not so monotonous outfit. The dashing red is so hot! And a fabulous bow to finish the look! Spotted on only shallow, by Ranna.

topshop wishlist

My latest topshop wishlist...

Remember before the weekend, i post an entry on some brolly beauties? Topshop has its own version of a frilly brolly with polka dots!

This origami tank top would be perfect for those damnit-im-late-for-work days. Just throw it on with jeans or shorts and you'd be looking effortlessly chic.

This is nothing out of the ordinary but im just crazy about stars. Dresses up a basic outfit instantly!

Last but not least, this Twist hem cover up. I have one of this, in off whitish cream, and its one of my favourite to wear item right now. It looks like a dress from the front, but the sides are actually exposed, only twisted at the hem below. There are so many ways of wearing it. Throw it on with shorts and a tank, or a basic dress, belt or unbelted, tie a sash bow at the back or front, the possibilities are endless. i want this blue cover up! Comes in red and black too. 

*eagerly waiting for these items to arrive on sunny singapore. 

Friday, July 11, 2008

structural act

i love the full structure of her skirt, those pockets look amazingly cute! it looks stiff enough to actually stand on its own.

have a good weekend!

image source: facehunter

singing in the rain...

These uber stylish brollies will come in handy for the recent morning downpours, and will definitely add an extra oomph to any outfit. Available at brollies galore, they come in so many cool designs. They even have a boutique collection by designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, Chantal Thomas, Guy de Jean etc. Those ruffles, lace and bows are driving me insane just by looking at them. The purple and pink Chantal Thomas brolly even folds nicely exposing the gorgeous bow on the outside! I'd definitely be singing and dancing in the rain whilst carrying any of these.

check out the full range of brollies here.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


My lifeless, volumeless, ultra-thin, limpy hair needs a cut soon. And being lifeless, volumeless, ultra-thin and limpy, it doesn't stay with any amount of hair products. Its just bleh. flat. I would love to have this model's hair, so crisp and blunt and so much volume! I love the texture of caucasian hair, unlike asian hair, they have so much life in them they actually "listen". 

It's time for a trip to the stylist soon, maybe this picture can come along with me :)

image source: Fashion is Spinach

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Maki blues

Yet another adorable piece from MakiMaki Vintage unfortunately the size is too small. The zig zag wave and the slight poofy-ness around the hips... Kinda remind me of this dress from Chloe.

image source: MakiMaki Vintage and Chloe

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

I first discovered Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair at Actually..., probably a year back. And it was a bustier piece that captured my attention, the structural folds, the full tulip skirt, it was love at first sight with a S$500 price tag on it. No, I did not buy the dress, but it was constantly in on my mind for awhile. i assumed it was a New York label, due to the nature of the name, and only now have i found out that it originates from Sweden via style bubble.

"Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair is dedicated to traditional tailoring, pattern making and the old ways of the trade. The love of quality and details will always be our priority" -Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

What I absolutely adore is that the dramatic architecture found in their designs, is brought down to pre-a-porter retaining their core of detailing.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fifi Lapin

Spotted some of these illustrations on several blogs and i finally decided to check it out. It's really adorable i must say, illustrating the runway outfits onto little bunnies. Makes me wanna learn how to draw, i can't draw for nuts! I know of someone who can, and im still waiting for her interpretation of pinktuutuu for a blog banner. 

source: Fifi Lapin

Friday, July 4, 2008

chesapeake puppies

having one little puppy isn't enough, try a dozen of these little things to chase you around. seems like a lot more fun! Watch the full video clip here.

sale sale sale

Everyone loves a good bargain, thats for sure. And im sure every high street fashion fan will be pleased to hear that both zara and mango are having further mark downs, 50% and 70% respectively. So if you haven't got time to check out the sales, its probably the best time to do so this weekend before GSS ends!

i've got the sweetest deal from mango, remember this dress? i got it at a further discount for S$99! All thanks to a little self-control, i managed to save S$49. 

*feeling very pleased

img source: istockphoto

vintage clogs

these are adorable, only if it were in my size... if you're a size 9.5, you can find it here.