Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is me, letting go...

I was gonna be selfish and keep mum about this but after some considerations, I've decided to share this information with those who would need (and wear) it more than I. I know many around the blogosphere in the regions with dropping temperatures have been updating their Fall/Winter wardrobe, and as much as i'd love to share the same experience, the only drop in temperature i can experience is one in the office or my bedroom (at night). Apart from that, I have absolutely no need for a wool coat, wearing it out in the streets of sunny Singapore will only attract unnecessary attention. I was thinking of trying my luck with it for keepsake and for traveling to countries with colder climate. But I've burst my shopping budget once again, and therefore I NEED to TRY practice a little more self control (yes, i'm trying). 

So, here it is, my loss is your gain! This is the vintage version of many bloggers Fall wishlist, the A.P.C coat. It's in red and blue instead of gold and blue, and slightly longer than the latter. Isn't it adorable? I am so in love with it, I'm still thinking of retracting this post while typing.

Do check out other coats in her ebay listing, they are equally adorable. 

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