Monday, June 30, 2008

Reversible Destiny House aka playhouse

Design and build by Arakawa and Madeline Gins, these reversible lofts are created with the believe that "it's immoral that people have to die". The lifespan extending villa will make people use their bodies in unexpected ways to maintain equilibrium, and that will stimulate their immune system. And each loft is painted in over 40 colors! 

You think the exterior is cute? wait till you see the insides. I dont know about immortality, but it sure makes me wanna live in them! Its like a playhouse set from some kids programme!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

bringing sexy back

source: garance dore

Rainbow connection

Doing the usual ebay surfing, going thru my list of favourite ebay stores when i came across the prettiest plaid dress from liebemarlene vintage. The softest and most vibrant colors on a simple 50s day dress. Can be the prettiest summer dress for any wardrobe!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pretty in Pink!


source: garancedore

Eighties Fave

I know when it comes to vintage, you need to grab it the moment you set your eyes on it, or it will be long gone. I spotted this eighties batwing tunic months ago on the urban collection but at a whopping US$92, I had to think twice. Going back to the site every now and then, clicking back on the same item, i still contemplated. I've even spotted an almost identical piece on ebayt. It was on one of those hot vintage shops, and the bid closed at over a hundred! Lucky for me, no one from the bid list discovered the urban collection

Most of the threads from the urban collection come and go really fast, and i started to wonder why no one wanted this beauty. And finally, its on sale! At only US$36, it was a steal! So this darling is gonna be mine! I'm gonna get a pair of yellow tights, maybe pink, orange and red to add on.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Yellow dress

Saw this dress hanging on the racks at Topshop few weeks ago, and i thought it looked familiar. Then i realised it is the same one i spotted at Cherryblossomgirl, and now at misspandora. seems like a very popular dress among bloggers, both Alix and Louise look fabulous! 

Thing about yellow, it doesn't flatter asian skin, great for fairer girls thou. Too bad for me, im tan. But maybe i should just give it a shot in the dressing room!

Mango sale!

This may sound like a late announcement, but Mango is having a sale! And i spotted this dress i had my eyes on, it was worn by a girl spotted by Ivan of facehunter! Usual price was SG199, and now its down to a SG138? I hope this beauty can wait, its a couple of days to pay day, and i've once again overspent for the month. 

image: facehunter

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Foot candy!

Flickr-stalking the usual suspects, and i came to piksi's photostream, and there it was, a mindblowing, heartstopping pair of shoes...
Everyone is blown away by those gorgeous foot candy! It makes you dizzy, and suddenly you feel like you're floating to shoe haven. They are the most adorable pair of heels i've ever seen!! Im feeling dizzy just talking about it.

And subconsciously i clicked on the link...

Minna Parikka, designer and owner, of Minna Parikka has been crafting her own shoes since the tender age of 15. Born and raised in Finland, Helsinki, the land of all great designs/designers. Made in Spain, in the finest leather, her creations are brimming with glamour, attitude and edge. The brand was launched in 2005, and now sold is 10 different countries, this is just the beginning for Minna Parikka. 

Creating a distinctive style, Minna's designs combines Nordic functionality and her love for surreal, paying tribute to the footwear of eras past. Minna Parikka's shoes are distinctly feminine yet celebrate the diversity of the women she designs for. Get ready to fall in love...

where are you?

i know this post has been long overdue and many bloggers have already covered the issue. But, WHERE ARE YOU AGATHE! I can't help but to miss her impeccable style, her ever so lovely pet pig, molvin, and her fantastic husband's photographs of her. Every now and then, i'd still try my luck and visit style bytes in hope of seeing it up and running again, with new outfit images, and her latest finds. Unfortunately it is still down. Like everyone else, i really wonder what had happened after her trip, and i sincerely hope she's fine.

Please come back to blogosphere soon! We miss you. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And the band goes marching on...

love the blue, love the details! 24 more hours and already at US$91, and the size, puny! For you small girls, with the extra cash to spare, you can find the lovely jacket here, goodluck with the bids!

Source: Thriftwares

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Travelling Shirt

Beth from The  Vintage Society, launched the travelling shirt project and created a wave! Such a fun project to play along to. The shirt, from the Quiksilver new clothing line has crossed the oceans and borders to 6 different Society Girls. Each girl has created a look of their own, reflecting their personal style. Its kinda hard to choose a favourite look, cause everyone of them look so good! Its amazing how one shirt can create so many different looks. Can i emphasize again that these girls look amazing! Great job all!

Click here for the whole story.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Everyday Extraordinary

Such a pretty mailer from Anthropologie. The simplicity, colors and wonderful imagery always seem so perfect. 

click on the image to go to link

source : anthropologie

Paint Pots

These Ciate paint pots are about the cutest i've ever seen! Just put a pretty bow on anything and im sold! Available at asos at US$16.22

Friday, June 20, 2008

topshop lust

I am so wanting all these items from topshop!

clockwise : 
1. Sailor style dress - so simple, so adorable (spotted at le blog de betty)
2. Lady print rara dress - black & white line drawing, very much inspired from the prada illustration series.
3. Square hinge detail belt 
4. Boho ikat long line cami - Not my usual preference in print.
5. Tartan piped playsuit - OMG! Words cannot describe how much i want this. 
6. Brushstroke paint dress - Not my usual style, but the exposed zip on the back won me over.
7. Blue zipper elastic belt - Great for almost anything. 
8. Pleated belt denim playsuit - So easy to wear (yet so troublesome to remove). 

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oscar de la renta / topshop

I won't say its a copy, but very much inspired.

Left: Vintage Oscar de La Renta dress from thriftwares
Right: Sailor bib top from Topshop

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ruffle me pretty

My current obsession : anything ruffled
and so i lust, i covet and i bought...
this adorable ruffled tube dress from warehouse.

and these came as a gifts!

source: dress, warehouse / sandals, topshop

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

clashing colors

This girl was spotted in the streets of Munich by Ivan of Facehunter. The clashing mix of colors seems so defiant yet so soothing. Now i really want a pair of turquoise pumps!

image source: facehunter

So fabulous!

The ever so fabulous Agyness Deyn spotted in the streets. 
Her Dress, Jean Paul Gaultier

source : via altamira NYC

Monday, June 16, 2008

dots, plaid and bow

All the things i love in one pretty dress, from anthropologie for US$148

source : anthropologie

Sunday, June 15, 2008

cape of good plaid

If only Singapore has the weather to allow for such beauty...

source : bona drag by Deborah Sweeney

the one that got away...

i was going to purchase this vintage beauty from nikitajade at etsy but i let it slip away, only to find out its in the good hands of Alix

p.s Alix, you look great!

image source : cherryblossomgirl

Saturday, June 14, 2008

swirl me round

Stunning vintage swirl dress, tropical print in burning orange, yellow and green. Should i or should i not? 

source : bettybrownvintage (closing 16 June, Monday)

Pret a Portobello

i chance upon pret a portobello via Estrella style. Now we can all shop London's infamous Portobello Market online (yay!). You can buy or trade online for your favourite finds! For locals, be prepared to pay a hefty 20pounds for international shipping! Here are some of my favourite picks...

lovely ruffles

Friday, June 13, 2008

the cherry blossom girl

Alix from thecherryblossomgirl has an amazing wardrobe full of pretty girly dresses and her photographs always look like they are part of some editorial spread. Pretty clothes + great photography! 

image source : thecherryblossomgirl

sweet dreams...

chanced upon dwellshop while doing research for work. These are bed linens i'd love to have in my bedroom and the kids range are so adorable, i'd love to have those prints on a dress too.

source : dwellshop

oh so cute!

source : now voyager via a cup of jo

it's about time!

the lovely louise has finally started her own blog, misspandora. Now we not only can have daily dose (hopeful) of her pretty outfits, we can also get an insight of what inspires her (yipee!). i'd say it's about time!

source : fashionnation

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Maki Anyone?

I've been watching Makimaki Vintage for quite awhile now but never purchased anything from there. The main reason being the bids usually go way beyond my budget, you can expect bids to go up to over US100 at times, and even if they don't, thanks to exchange and international shipping rates, i'll still be paying alot. Makimaki Vintage make vintage clothing so desirable and modern. Probably due to the impeccable styling, the hot model and edgy shots.. vintage has never looked cooler!
i'm so in love with the white tux like dropwaist dress.

image source: Makimaki Vintage


a simple piece to jazz up a top/dress

image source : chocosho