Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This is love...

Pure LOVE! The vintage Oscar de la Renta jumpsuit is just simple but perfect. And the tulle dress is irresistible (check out those shoes!). Who can ever say no to tulle of any kind? I know i can't.

both from The Urban Collection fall collection.

Disposable dress?

When I came across this post by Stephie of Fashionation, i was intrigued. I've heard of paper dolls and I know it comes with removable paper dresses for little girls to play with. But Paper dresses for you and me? Now, that's a first.

I did a search on ebay for more patterns of what it looks like and came across the exact same piece that Stephie was introducing from Dustbunny Vintage. I wonder how much they're going for at DBV cause this seller is selling the entire set of 4 by Harry Gordan 1968, in its original packaging at a starting bid of US$499.

Paper clothes were the epitome of the 'throwaway' culture of the 60's, it was an experimental fashion. It originally appeared in Australia in 1967, and paper outfits were stocked in several stores but consumers were skeptical about the quality and functionality of these clothes. Two years later the look returned but it was never took off. An example is the infamous Andy Warhol inspired pop-art paper souper dress - a wood pulp and cotton dress screen printed with campbell's soup tins. And of course another example would be the Harry Gordon's Poster dress which comes in a set of 5. These dresses are made to be worn only once or twice and then disposed away. There were a couple others on ebay, but just not as cool as this series.

The thought of paper dresses fascinates me but the idea of it, I'm skeptical too. But can you imagine the silhouette  these paper dresses will give? I'm so gonna love it! It's definitely a collectors item for vintage lovers.

source: Fashionation

A is for Apple

On my way home from work yesterday, i spotted this little girl with the most adorable pair of shoes. It's a colorful apple printed mary janes. The apple prints aren't clear due to my lousy camera phone but it's oh so adorable! I couldn't resist snapping a picture of it. If only it came in my size...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Print me silly

Pretty prints are harder to find this season, and these are some lovely pieces on ebay

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happenings: Bigger and Better!

It's no longer a secret, the long awaited Fash-Bash is back! Received it in the mail a week ago, and now we've gotten hold of the stall listing. The girls are back and it's gonna be a blast. I've been to every single one since the Nafa days, I am so looking forward to the hansel past season pieces and their $10 bargain buys! I know where my GST rebate will be going to this month!

It's gonna be a fashion jungle so gear up for the long awaited event. It's about time i say!

Fall in love

I finally understand my affection for Fall, coats and everything else that comes along with the season. When i was younger, my mum used to dress me in oversized knits paired with psychedelic leggings during the monsoon months, I was hell of a hip kid (mummy had great taste!). That warmth and feeling fabulously as a kid has been buried inside me for the longest time. And of late, I've learn to appreciate clothes and the seasons, and that feeling is just waiting to be unleashed. 

With the recent downpours, I'd wake up with a bright lit on my face (even when i dread going to work). I'd pull out my thicker knits and tights out to play. I'm terribly afraid of the heat, i'd avoid tights at all cost during those weather. Unfortunately, even thou with my scope of work, i find brightly colored tights (my new obsession) unsuitable for this office environment (there's still black, grey and eggplant). This is the best time for laying and still feeling cosy and warm throughout. Reminiscing my childhood days all over again.. 

I started doodling, and decided to give it a go of what I'm wearing on Friday. I'm wearing my new fire engine red vintage shoes from ebay! Got them in the post on Thursday and I was grinning with glee when I saw them. They're just perfect! And in mint condition too. I forgot to add the blazer i'm wearing in the drawing, opps.

Dress: Laura Lee for Topshop
Tights: Black tights from Topshop
Shoes: Vintage/ Ebay

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tastefully sexy

My favourite among the entire series of images from the Chantel Thomass lingerie catalogue.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

When temptation sets in, what do you do?

Snap photos in the fitting room of course! Okay, at least that's what I do when I like an item and steer myself away from impulse buying (I can't be buying everything i fancy). There are too many choices here and too little cash. I want all of them!

Left - Right: 
1. Highwaist denim shorts from River Island, comes with the rainbow belt! But S$99 for a pair of shorts is kinda steep! And i can't be wearing them to work either.
2. Apple printed cardigan from Topshop/Kate moss collection. It's uber cute! Also steeply priced for a cardi. SG$139.
3. Nautical inspired dress in a not so nautical color from Forever21. It's cute, but is it TOO cute? It has pockets!!!
4. Drop crotch jodphur from Zara. I love it! But to pull this off, it has to be paired with heels most of the time.
5. lastly, this LBD from Zara is love! You can't see the details very clearly here. It has a cute collar, slightly draped, a thick "band" that sits nicely at the hips and a tulip skirt. 

Dilemma dilemma dilemma.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lipstick red

Can someone please buy this pair of awesomely hot vintage pumps! I love it so much I'm scheming how many insoles I can stuff to fit my feet into them! In lipstick red and chunky heels (so marc!), these are up on ebay, ending in 2 days!

image source: mel shoppe vintage

This is me, letting go...

I was gonna be selfish and keep mum about this but after some considerations, I've decided to share this information with those who would need (and wear) it more than I. I know many around the blogosphere in the regions with dropping temperatures have been updating their Fall/Winter wardrobe, and as much as i'd love to share the same experience, the only drop in temperature i can experience is one in the office or my bedroom (at night). Apart from that, I have absolutely no need for a wool coat, wearing it out in the streets of sunny Singapore will only attract unnecessary attention. I was thinking of trying my luck with it for keepsake and for traveling to countries with colder climate. But I've burst my shopping budget once again, and therefore I NEED to TRY practice a little more self control (yes, i'm trying). 

So, here it is, my loss is your gain! This is the vintage version of many bloggers Fall wishlist, the A.P.C coat. It's in red and blue instead of gold and blue, and slightly longer than the latter. Isn't it adorable? I am so in love with it, I'm still thinking of retracting this post while typing.

Do check out other coats in her ebay listing, they are equally adorable. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Remember the last time when you bought a pair of shoe on impulse even thou it was a size too snug? Or that dress you bought as a motivation to lose 5 pounds but never got round to it? What about the time when you needed to shake off the stress and went on a retail buying frenzy and bought one to many things on an impulse just because it felt good? Or maybe some of us just put on (or lose) a pound to many and could no longer fit into some of our favorite pieces (good for you if you've lost the weight instead!). While for some of us, like how seasons change, so does our personal style. Well, that's just how we feel and hence the birth of sundaygoods

Sometimes we feel we've nothing to wear even though we have a closet full of clothes staring back at us. And oddly, it seems sinful (yeah right!) to be purchasing new pieces when we are constantly searching for more closet space! So in order to expand our closet space (and pockets to be honest!), we've decided to share our pre-loved and vintage goods with all. 

Like flea market and thrift shopping on sunday mornings, sundaygoods bring you thrift and vintage goods all through the week. Once loved by us, now looking for a new lease of life in a new wardrobe. We try to keep our listings in a theme and items within a set will be listed through the week. So remember to swing by for updates and new goods!

Please feel free to drop by anytime of the day, we are open 24/7! We would REALLY appreciate if you could spread the word (and love) to all those you know who'll appreciate a good buy! Or if you could do a mention on your personal blogs, we'll be glad to provide whatever information and images needed. 

For our first set, we present you - Bohemian Rhapsody. A mix of bright and muted tones, these are pieces you can carry from summer to fall! Above is a mini preview, so stay tuned, we promise pieces will go up later today!

Sundaygoods is a new blogspot, we're still developing new concepts and ideas to share! 
p/s we ship international too!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

talk about versatility

Already an award winning accessories designer, Devi Kroell turned to apparel design for a new challenge. Her first ready-to-wear collection is sleek with tons of volume. Extremely wearable with stunning silhouettes, you do not have to be supermodel thin to be wearing any of these pieces. The poufy skirts are fabulous for hiding unwanted bulges around the hips. And her accessories, as stunning as ever (look at that humongous envelop clutch!!). 

images: style.com

Outfit: Dress down friday

Apparently, it's dress down everyday for me at work. And yesterday I paired up my recent purchases into one casual outfit. This gingham top was a last minute purchase during my last trip to Deja Vu Vintage. FINALLY! A gingham piece that is missing from my wardrobe. It's kinda avant garde-ish in vintage terms due to the contrast color and size at the collar (not very visible in the photos). Oh, and the bag is the free nylon bag that came along with the marc by marc jacobs book i bought.

top: vintage/ deja vu vintage
jeans: gap
shoes: marble ink/ robinsons
bag: marc by marc jacobs

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hello Lover!

I'm no hairband girl but i love bows. I've never tried putting on a bow hairband even thou i totally adore them (it's the bow lover in me talking). But THIS is love. Maybe it's the Marc Jacobs lover in me talking (ha) whichever it is, bow + marc = true love. 

In case anyone is interested, its US$78.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Red Hot Chili Peppers

After getting hold of my chili red tights, i needed some inspiration on how to wear them. Of course, my first source is the original inspiration - Gossip Girl. I notice how Blair Waldorf always pair them with navy blue blazers as part of her school attire (i mentioned this before, school uniform here is boring). I needed more options, so this is where the rest of the street wear / style sites come in. I've scrolled thru hundreds of pages (I'm not kidding!), and these are my top picks!

I created my own wear palette using these photos and notice how blue is always the option to pair red tights with. Some play it up with mustard and browns, they seem to compliment the red pretty nicely too. And i definitely dig how Ranna of only shallow spiced up a black and white ensemble with shocking red tights. Now i only need a bow as cute as hers!

Even the kids are having fun with red!

images: facehunter, wardrobe remixer, chictopia, lookbook, only shallow, fashionation, vintage society, flickr

Happenings: Retail Therapy

Good news ladies, get ready your plastics and head down to Pan Pacific Orchard NOW! 

The Link group is having a Fashion Bazaar from now till 20/09, saturday, 10.30am - 8pm at Pan Pacific Orchard (behind Palais Renaissance) Level3 Picasso Rm 1&2. Grab yourself items from The Link, The Link Wedding, Etro and Alldressedup! Prices will be slashed up to 80% off. Unfortunately, i might give it a miss, i'm still contemplating (I even left my cup in the ladies while thinking. It's a bad sign). Just did a full calculation of this month's donation to the retail society and the figure scares me. And knowing me, I have zero self control when it comes to pretty frocks from alldressedup, especially with the marked down prices it makes the dresses slightly more affordable. 

dilemma. Should I or should I not?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Take a walk with me back in time

I had no intention to blog about these, but while going thru my list of vintage ebay stores, i chanced upon them. They were just there, calling out to me, looking cool and chic. I had to do my part and find them a home (not mine but yours!).

Winter wonderland

If weather and temperature is not an issue here, i'd love to have these as part of my Fall/Winter wardrobe. I am so in love with that checked blazer (if only it wasn't made of wool) from New Wrinkle Vintage and the nautical inspired red+blue jacket from MakiMaki vintage.

Who says Fall/Winter have to be boring?
images: MakiMaki Vintage, California Vintage Connect, Dragonfly Vintage, New Wrinkle Vintage

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

obsession #224 - Blazer

I've been obsessing over blazers for a while now and i've thrifted one lately. But i can't keep my mind off the ones with contrasting piping details! As seen on Gossip Girl, worn by Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf (aren't they perfect together?) as well as other bloggers (e.g Sarah and Karla, i love your blazers!). I want one of those!! I've been scrolling thru pages of vintage sites and came across this vintage piece by Christian Dior, going for AU$255 (gasp!). 

vintage blazer from Claire Incorruptible
Chuck bass/Blair Waldorf images from Flickr

Package from Stockholm

Somehow i cannot recall how i stumbled into this blog and learn about the personal shopping service Filippas mode is offering to all. She resides in Stockholm if i've not mistaken. And for a small fee, she'd happily shop at H&M, Monki (i want!) and other Swedish brands for you, if only they had COS in Stockholm. Definitely cheaper than flying over! Start planning and let the fingers do the shopping.

PS: Can i offer the same services to those not residing in Singapore? :D Charles & Keith anyone?

images: Monki

Monday, September 15, 2008

New shoes!

New shoes! I think they're Prada "inspired", but i don't care! I love them to bits. Guess where they're from!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Feeling the blues

i'm loving the simplicity of her dress as well as the fabric necklace (DIY Time!) she's wearing.

Psst, she was spotted by both the Sartorialist and Facehunter during the New York Fashion Week.

image: Facehunter

outfit: presenting... Yellow tights!

This is me, finally wearing yellow tights.

Dress: Senada/Bangkok
Tights: Forever21
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Per sempre/Bangkok

Over indulgence

I ordered a gnome from Ebay for tik cause you can't get a decent one here in Singapore. She wanted to built a faux garden for the gnome and so we landed ourselves at Daiso (a SG$2 shop with plenty of japanese products). I've over indulge her with her silly ideas and this is what we came up with. It was actually quite fun picking out the garden accessories. Now the little gnome has a place to call home!

Mind you, this little garden is above a bookshelf!

Friday, September 12, 2008

SS09: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Mr Jacobs always impresses and this time it's no surprise. Im loving the shoes, they're uber cute (have always been!) and so wearable. I'm seeing a nautical theme to this collection, the stripes may be used a million times everywhere by everyone but it's still awesome! 

First we layer our clothes, now we're layering belts too (cool!) ?! Even the men are getting it! The play with stripes on stripes, the washed off denim, the multiple belts... I've fallen in love with the collection (who wouldn't) all over again. 

image source: style.com

Thursday, September 11, 2008

All in a book

I couldn't resist a book full of glossy pages of the Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S08 collection. This little red book is in Japanese and comes with a black and white printed nylon bag (shown in the first image). All for S$28, who could resist (i couldn't!)? And if you have a Kinokuniya card, you get a 10% off. 

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover, it retains the Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S08 look with a Japanese flavor! Ultra cute! 


Pleats, twists and folds all into one. Absolutely stunning. 

Leanimal by Leanna Marshall via in(side) the loop

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

white walls please!

Seeing this office space makes me wanna splash white paint all over my walls. I enjoy decorating my room and changing the colors from time to time (not too often, my parents will flip). I've been stuck in a room with pop culture inspired colors for 4 years, i think it's time for a change. 

Like how seasons change, i reckon preferences and taste changes along with it too. I'm more into clean white spaces with mini clutter rather than the colors i once picked. Maybe a change in my sleeping environment will lighten the work mood when i get home. But the thing is, i'm a messy gal, how do i minimize the clutter and keep the space neat 24/7?

nothing.cn via casual poet