Friday, September 5, 2008

Rain and wood = simple pretty flocks

Stumbled upon Yumumu via Fash-Eccentric, the local label draws inspiration not from constantly changing trends on the runway but by shifting ideas that are often overlooked. Her two collections, Paperdoll and East Asian Misfits takes on the simplest form and idea. 

Paperdoll: "Fashion designs are usually first conceived on a flat piece of paper. Paperdoll strives to retain that flatness. I've tried to avoid distender of any kind - pleats, gathers etc. - to emphasize the intrinsic flatness of fabric, so much so that they have come to resemble the flatpack lifestyle we are familiar with. The simplest form is reminiscent of the shift dresses of the 60s. I am fascinated by how the flat garment radically transform as it falls against the contours of the human body." 

My take on the collection? It has no volume, but so much depth. The clever play of fabrics with colors gives the flat shift dresses dimensions one can never imagine. 

East Asian  Misfits: " The hardest bit in reinventing costumes is to try to create something that is not overtly classical while maintaining the integrity of these traditional pieces. My interpretation is a blithe twist on the East Asian classics (Cheongsam, Kimono and Hanbok) that fuse their romantic notions with contemporary sensibilities."

I love how she plays with pleats on the different dresses and simply adore how she fuses traditional prints with textured fabrics to create the modern-traditional look. She really knows how to interpret traditional costumes for modern day wear. They all look so cute adorable.

There are so many pieces which i'd like to have in my wardrobe, especially that korean inspired candy stripe + bow dress!


  1. Oh my I love the Paperdoll pieces I could wear these clothes everyday!

    And thank you for the lovely comment on my blog xoxo

  2. I found her thru Culturepush just a few days ago! Her Paperdoll collection is fun, the matching of the fabrics and colour.

    I'm planning to make a trip down to her showroom tmr! I hope i wake up :)

  3. so? did you make it to the showroom?? give us an update!