Sunday, August 31, 2008

100% Cyan

That pair of shoe is in the perfect cyan! And while we're at it, i want her needlepoint/tapestry bag too! and lastly, that bow headband please. Thanks!

yours sincerely..
Outfit stealer

image: facehunter

Standing ovation

Okay, i finally did it. It was a nightmare and a hit on the head. When the girls at Fashion Nation showcased their collection of shoes, followed by wottoncool and the swirl girls, i wanted to get mine out of their boxes and display them online. I salute you ladies, it was practically a cardio work out on its own! Removing them from the boxes, bending over (ok this sounds slightly obscene) to put them in place and packing them back into their boxes was a complete nightmare.

I knew i had many pairs of shoes (and bags and clothes and accessories), but i didn't realised they were THIS much! I only managed to remove those i like, wear on a daily basis, or are brand new and haven't worn yet (at least 4 pairs). This does not include my daily birks (5 pairs? a girl can't have enough of them), other sneakers and those i've chucked aside (those in the boxes) for various reasons.

Heels are for occasion only, my prissy feet can't bear the pain that comes along with beauty, i tend to be a bit more practical with my feet. Most of my choices are basic, easy-to-go-with-everything shoes. I also tend to go on certain frenzies, like a 'i need black shoes' frenzy and 'i need colored shoes' frenzy. And of course the occasional funny looking pairs (do you spot the minnie mouse look a-like?).

Since we're at it, shall we do a bag collection too? Okay, maybe not now.

Pretty girls

Yuki, Rina and Ella, are the names of these pretty ladies from Hetty Rose. The collection is base on reusing vintage Japanese Kimono fabrics to create stunning and attention grabbing heels. Each pair is unique as the shoes are made to order and patterns are being cut from different parts of a fabric. The saturated colors and prints will reflect the personal taste of the wearer, allowing her to stand out, making a loud statement with these beauties. 

Extremely tantalizing 

Saturday, August 30, 2008


The sweater dress over shirt is awesome! I like how the end of the shirt is peeking out of the sweater. Why didn't i think of that?

belt up

Another thing to add to my wishlist is this belt from Sino London

PS i love you

Another random scan from PS Japan. Musculine elements like the sneaker and blazer to tone down the femininity of the dress.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Outfit: Doing a Katie Holmes

Rumors has it that Katie Holmes has been seen rocking the boyfriend jeans for 10 days in a row! Slouchy and comfortable. Here's my version of it.

image source: stylebakery

Have a happy weekend!

Things i'll be doing this weekend...

1. Immediately collect a cake after work and head home to celebrate Daddy's 61st birthday! Which means no walking into Topshop/Zara/Mango etc. Oh, Happy Birthday Pa!

2. Vintage and thrift shopping on saturday. Probably head down to Granny's day out (they're having a 40% storewide!) and deja vu vintage, and then to salvation army at upper serangoon road. Been wanting to visit that place since forever. Do you think i can squeeze in a visit to Soon Lee? I miss Haji Lane.

3. Spend some time creating dainty jewelry from the beads i've bought years back. It's about time i did something out of it.

4. Photo taking of the new jewelry (refer to #3) for my etsy store. Im in need of extra cash for my shopping fix.

5. Rest & relax with whatever time i have left and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Let's see how much i'll manage accomplish.

Image: girlwithcamera from flickr (her photos are awesome! will post more soon, Bye!)

No more blues, but a marshmallow frenzy

Firstly, YAY! Genevieve of Genevieve Gail emailed me and she will be making me one of the vespa necklace as seen in the previous post but in red! How cool is that? Now i'm ready for the weekend!

Thanks Melly for the terrific recommendation! This is my 2nd trip back to Meidi-ya for these Darjeeling marshmallow and this time i grabbed the coffee flavoured ones too! Posh-nosh of Urban will approve of this! 

The coffee aroma burst out of the bag the moment it is opened. Strong in scent, light and fluffy in taste. The only down is that the marshmallows are not as bite size as the Darjeeling ones. These are bigger, like the normal white marshmallows. It's obvious we couldn't resist, we finished 3/4 the pack before it's being photographed! 

Needless to say, the Darjeeling ones are great!

Friday blues

It's friday, im supposed to be happy, jumping up and down in the office chair all day long till 6pm but no, i received an email from the lovely Genevieve Gail telling me that her oh-so-adorable vespa necklace IS SOLD! It's the most adorable vespa i've ever seen. I wanted that vespa! It's supposed to be mine! Sigh. Now i'll be feeling whiney all day. 

But do check out Genevieve Gail's etsy store, her designs are truly unique with a vintage feel. Laser cut wood and designs are handpainted with a distressed finish. Sweet!

Good news is, i've gotten hold of my gf's lumix and i will post some images soon!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Catherine Holstein

Her name is Catherine Holstein and she designs the cutest clothes! One of the selected Nylon(japan) It-brand of the moment! She made a splash in the scene in 2007 and Mischa B. was spotted wearing the nautical inspired top from her collection.

Her Fall 2008 collection is sweet like candy. Loose tops + structured bottoms, with the use of lemony yellow on selected pieces, keeping the rest of the colors neutral. The large pleats are extremely hard to resist! Great detailing + a slouchy fit for the prefect fall! Love the jumper dress to death!

Images: Nylon (japan) Sept 2008, 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

mustard + orange

Some time back i came across this photo on PS Japan, and was stunned by the amazing combination of mustard paired with orange. That was the beginning of my hunt for a pair of mustard shorts. I finally found a similar pair from Sino London, mustard in color and a similar flare cut. Even thou I still lack the orange tights and blazer to complete the outfit, i have been wearing the shorts to death. Come to think of it, i haven't seen orange tights anywhere. The common colors are yellow, blue and pink. I really love the color combination as well as the pairing of tights to soften the musculine look of the blazer. Casual + chic. 

image source : PS Japan, April 2008

thrift couture?

Another fabulous piece available at Thriftwares. This purple origami mini can pass off as a piece coming down the Lanvin runway! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This is easily the simplest outfit to put together. And fail proof too. a Black and white top + a colored bottom. Very eighties and chic and ready to go!

images from urban collection and Japanese magazines

snip snap!

I stayed home all weekend due to the rain as well as to be home with my mum after her op. Got a little bored on Sunday, hence the decision to cut my bangs. I have to trim my fringe all the time in order to have the blunt look. A little snip here, a little snip there, i managed to conjure the almost perfect round bangs. Boredom got to me, i took the sides and chop it off. I have an outgrown bob, the sides longer than the back, so it's actually ok. Besides, in my opinion hair will grow, and if i do screw it up, i still have sufficient hair for my stylist to salvage. Now i can stop tying my half grown hair, looking aunty-ish. And i can save another trip to the hair stylist! yay!

image source: gettyimages

Monday, August 25, 2008

random streetstyle

There was this one time when i was walking down town and spotted a girl wearing a teal blue tights, the color is amazing and all but i started giggling to myself. The first thing that came to my mind was smurfs. it was just a thought. The girl didn't at all look or dress like smurf, it was just the color, and besides, smurfs legs are white not blue. And i do applaud those who dare to wear funky colored tights. It's not exactly the easiest thing to pull off. And this girl spotted on hel-looks just did. She looks great in those tights. i have yet to get myself the colors i mentioned so many times. 

Oh and while surfing thru hel-looks, this girl made this bubble floral skirt out of an old trousers! Amazing!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


The last i recalled carrying a backpack was during my secondary school days. That was when outdoor bags were cool and everyone had one. Since then i've never bought or intend to buy backpacks, and i've moved on from backpacks to clutches and tote. Backpacks were never cool again, until i saw this Eastpak x Raf Simons collaboration. The basic black and white with a dash of colors. Simple yet brilliant!

images from

Friday, August 22, 2008

Decorate my room!

I loveee the 2009 Ikea catalogue! And this will dress up my boring tv corner! I WANT!

Image: Ikea

Wishlist: Urban Outfitters

My wishlist are never ending, well that's why is it called a WISHlist right? These bags and tops are the newest to my list of 'I WANT' items from Urban Outfitters. And i have not even included the ones from Marc Jacobs, ASOS, topshop, cheap monday and the list goes on...  So what are your 'I WANT' Items this week/month/season? 

Oh i really really want that birdie printed turquoise top! So cute and comfy looking. Best for lazy to dress up days, goes well with almost anything! 

Constantly wishing and hoping...

my fairy tale house

If i am a princess, i want to live in this! So adorable as a ring 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

agyness love-2

agyness my love, why do you always good this good?

zip zip zip

One more thing to add to my wishlist. Do we have Primark in Singapore? Too many new shops opening around the island, i've lost track. 

From Primark via  Catwalk Queen

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Accessorise me

I was looking for this Sex and the city studded belt on and i came across all these amazing hats. Do you know that ASOS do ship directly to Singapore? I guess i know where my next pay cheque is going to, spree anyone? 


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

mama i want this!

I waited for a week, anticipated and yearn for this, but it closed at US$103 (S$150). 



Two for the price of one! Genius! It's about time designers start to device Jumper shorts that are detachable. I've seen them in japanese magazine but not anywhere in stores yet. It will definitely make going to the loo alot more convenient!

Criss cross jumper from Lark & Wolff by Steven Alan from Urban Outfitters 

acne jeans

Okay, i know it's kinda late to discover the beauty of the brand, but better late than never right? The acne jeans online shop is amazing, they provide a line drawing of the clothing with the details that can't be seen on screen, like the drape lines etc. And i never notice how a simple basic tee can look so nice and drapey with the right material and detailing. I think i need to invest in a good basic tee soon.

Oh and i've seen this dress on many blogs and magazines but i've never seen the back of it. And if you think the front is amazing, then the back is spectacular. It's one of those unexpected twist you'd never expect just by looking at the front. NOW i really want that dress, plus it's in green! 

Where can i find Acne Jeans in Singapore? Can anyone help me?

Monday, August 18, 2008

jump(er) for joy

while on the hunt for vintage jumper/romper on ebay i came across these. Oh so cute and adorable. I have yet to win or buy one i really like and within my budget. The prices of these vintage pieces always rocket sky high, and with USD on the rise, its gonna cost me more. Yikes

source: noirohio vintage and mamastone vintage

Please advice

Okay, i need some experts to advice me on this. I kinda like this dress, the pleats drapes really nicely, but i would like to transform it into a jumper instead. Problem is there's a slit behind. Will this affect the reconstruction of the skirt into a shorts? And will the pleating be retained after converting? Click here for more detailed shots

Some one pleasseeee advice!

image source: venus in vintage

Sunday, August 17, 2008

drool factor = 999,999,999,999

Oh my god, balenciaga or not these are gorgeous!

Vintage shoe = Desirable, Vintage shoe with Bow and branded Balenciaga = Ultra Desirable

I have a thing for vintage shoes, but the one problem with them is that most designer vintage footwear tend to be super narrow. Sadly, these are a size 10 narrow, probably a modern 9, HUGE and ITS SOLD!

From Nastygal Vintage

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Birds of Paradise

The bold saturated colors, the billowing gowns... i can't point on a single thing i dislike. The intensity of the entire spread is spectacular.

credit goes to Balvodino Barani (Photographer), Brooke Bonelli (model), Holly Suan Gray (Stylist), Angela Pasley (hair & markup)

image source: foto_decadent

Friday, August 15, 2008

if you're happy and you know it make a print

These happy and vibrant prints are from zukzuk. The colorful bird print is called 'Jelly Bean Birds' such a fun name for such a happy print. Apparently, the artist claim to be in a jolly mood the day she did that print, and i'd have to say it definitely show! And i have to quote decor8,when you read her blog, her enthusiasm leaps from the screen. i guess being happy is the perfect way to create perfect art/design pieces, it truly show!

source: zukzuk from etsy