Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jail house rock!

Okay, i know the title is somewhat cheesy, i can't think of anything better. When i saw these on The Cherry Blossom Girl, I knew i had to get it! I've been wanting a pair of b&w striped socks to be worn with pants (very Agyness Deyn). Neither do i want to spend a bomb on it, and mini toons stop supplying cheap socks! If you do not reside in Singapore, Mini Toons is a place where you can find all sorts of cartoony things, little girl's accessories as well as cheap socks in array of colors. Now is the hunt for a pair that suits my criteria, not too thin, not too thick, and the stripes must be perfect! haha *Mental note to self, remember to look out for black & white stripe socks!

oh, when i saw this photo, i thought it looked really soothing. A very nice balance in terms of space. I'd really like to find out where do follow bloggers find the time to take these amazing photos? I can find the time to blog, i can hide behind the mac to blog at work, but not to snap photos. And by night falls when i get home from work, the lighting becomes too lousy for great photographs! I salute all you fellow bloggers with great photography skills!

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