Thursday, February 26, 2009


Now I wanna place an order for this and go swimming. It's really hard to find a swimsuit that catches my fancy. If only I was that into swimming to begin with.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Obsession #499 - Vintage suitcase

With the recent travel plans we're making, tik and I started scouting for luggages. Modern travel luggages are boring and awful. The hipper/cooler/nicer ones can cost a huge bomb (think Samsonite). So I started thinking about fashion bloggers traveling in style and this image of Agatha of StyleBtyes came to mind. 

With that in mind, I start trawling the pages of etsy for a vintage suitcase and these are what I found. So darn adorable, funky and so retro, even tik got excited looking at them!

What a way to add some sunshine into traveling! You can spot it from miles away and be absolutely sure that no one will be carrying anything similar to yours (and it's Samsonite too!). Vintage Yellow Samsonite suitcase from cafeKOKO

I ABSOLUTELY adore this one! Blue with white trims, it speaks style and more style. But a tad bit expensive (exchange rates) and the shipping is atrocious! 

So much effort made into one suitcase. This Vintage brocade suitcase is so lovely but a tad small. Idea for short travel trips I guess? Like one to some near-by resort trip!

So many lovely choices but the shipping for some is just ridiculous, it actually cost more than the item itself! le sigh. What should a girl do?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Everyday Minerals

ADD ON: When I did this post a couple of days ago, I only tested the color on my face without wearing full on make up. But guess what? After apply everything on today, the minerals feel so light, it feels as thou there's nothing on my skin. 

I've been using liquid foundation for the past few months since I've started exploring make up and I like how it appears on the skin, but not the ickiness of it. I was initially skeptical about apply powder mineral foundation fearing that it might cake but now I'm a convert. The coverage may be sheer, but mineral make up is buildable. What I did was to mix the 3 bases I ordered to get a better match. I reckon since our skin tones are not perfect, we might be a olive skin with yellow under tones and veins etc etc etc (all our horrible imperfections), mixing the different formulas work well to provide a coverage for the different imperfections.

Here's the last tip, use a paint palette to mix the colors and application. Especially when working with a damp brush (provides a nicer finish), you don't want to contaminate the rest of the minerals in the tub.

It's here, it's finally here! My stuff from Everyday Minerals arrived in the post yesterday. It always put a huge grin on my face whenever parcels arrive, don't we all love that feeling. And the best part, I made pretty good choices with the colors. 

Let's start with the brushes - synthetic and soft, It's definitely value for money. I mean come on, US$6, $5 and $7 for concealer, eye shadow and foundation brush respectively, it's a steal isn't it?

Now, the colors... For the bases, I've got Warm Tan (Original-Glo), Buff-Beige Natural (Matte) and Olive-Sandy Olive (Semi-matte), all of which disappears into my skin, almost the perfect match for my medium tone skin. For first time orders, my advice would be to get something close to your skin tone, another darker and lighter. EM comes in pigments so you will be able to mix the colors to suit your skin tone. The descriptions does help in the decision making as well. So it's good to read and compare the undertones and suitability of the colors. 

The blushes are love! I've got Summer Stroll and All Smiles, both of which appears to look orangey-peachy in color. There're extremely pigmented, hence a little goes a long way. When the color settles, it provides a nice glowing flush on the cheeks, very natural. But both colors look similar on my skin tone.

As for the eye shadows, I picked Cypress and Swing Set. Both are bought with intentions to blend and sparkle with other darker eye shadows. Cypress is shimmery but not OTT, it gives a subtle shimmer on to lids. Swing Set is a basic matte grey eye shadow. These can also be used with a damp eye shadow brush. 

The only problem I got is the concealer, in Sunlight Color Corrector. It's a tad bit pale when I apply it under my eyes to cover dark circles. But works well after applying the bases and blending. It just doesn't cover spot blemishes very well. 

Ultimately I am a happy girl. I'm so pleased with the brushes I actually placed another set of order just half an hour ago! They've replenish stock for the Slanted Blush brush as well as the Baby Kabuki brush and so I'm getting them! And since I've placed an order, I might as well throw in a Free Sample Kit with new colors (Yayyy!). Buying everything in sample sizes, I can allow myself more colors and options. And guess what, they threw in a pressed eye shadow palette for free!

Oh btw, try this discount code "CHEER", it should give you an overall 5% discount (exclude shipping). I love Everyday Minerals!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Make up is good for the skin

Mineral make up has been around for ages, but the recent boost in marketing of mineral make up is the most ingenius idea ever. The evolution of make up is Mineral make up, it not only creates a flawless illusion, it is said to be good for the skin. 

There are many cosmetic brands that are jumping on to the mineral bandwagon, as well as newly formed brands that only boost mineral make up, and one of which is Everyday Minerals (EM). As I surfed thru the site, I was captivated by the array of colors. Unlike many drug store brands with limited colors of mineral make up, EM has one of the wider range of colors available. And the splendid thing of it all (This is gotta share!)? They actually give FREE sample kits which you can get it here, all you have to do is select 3 base(foundation), a blush and a concealer, pay for shipping (they ship directly to anywhere in the world! only US$5.99 to Singapore!) and wait for it to arrive. One free sample kit per order only. And if you'd like to tag more items on but still uncertain, EM comes in samples sizes, minis and large, and all at a very affordable price. I got a little carried away as I clicked on the colors and brushes (heard their brushes are really soft), and now I am just sitting and waiting for my loot to arrive. From what I understand, EM is only available online. I will try to post swatches and photos when they arrive.

*anxiously waiting by the post box

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Dear Hairy God Mother, 
I know i've rant about hair issues many times before. But I honestly hate my flat, limp, lifeless hair. Please grant me good hair. Like her's! I like her hair, it has a natural shine, black and looks flouncy-bouncy. And the cut's oh-so-adorable. 


image via facehunter

So in love

I wondered into this blog in time for today. Le Love, a blog dedicated to all romantic, sweet, lovey dovey, sexy and heart fluttering images. A blog dedicated to LOVE, how romantic.

Don't they make you go 'awwwww...' Now I've caught the love bug.

images via le love

Friday, February 13, 2009


Melly from Greenlaundry has updated her etsy store with brand new prints! Gnomes! I can't resist cute gnomes, and this is one of them. I might just get her to do me a series of prints the day I move to a brand new place. Lovely.


I am not one to celebrate Valentines' Day, when single, we go out in a group of single girlfriends, when attached, we stay home and laugh at those being scam into paying double for their meals (and flowers). Call me the Valentines' cynic, but shouldn't love be celebrated every single day of our lives? Why do we need to commemorate one day to be lovey dovey and outrightly display affection. Send her flowers on any ordinary day but Valentines' Day or surprise him with his favourite scent on date nights. Love gestures feels more special on an ordinary day rather than a commercial one. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a romantic at heart, and these photos by Max Wanger of Joanna and fiance of A Cup of Jo melts my heart. You can see the love in their eyes. Love should be celebrated everyday.

So instead of celebrating love for just your partner, spread the love to everyone, your mum, dad, siblings, neighbor and friends. 

Happy Valentines Day!


If you ask me, Jap is probably on top of the list for the type of cuisine I'd go for. Needless to say, this fascinates me, we even ordered it for a friend's birthday for kicks.

Now this knitted sushi is ultra cute! and I'd order a platter in a minute! You can get the patterns from needlenoodle

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Make Up DIY: Secret recipe

How many times have we bought a pot/stick of lip balm and abandoned it before it finishes and proceed to the next found love? I'm quite certain many girls have done this at least once. I myself am guilty of abandoning at least 4 sticks of lip balm and they should be sitting somewhere in a pile. Hence when I came across this thread from cozycot, I thought it was plain brilliant! Make your own tinted lip balm at home, follow the steps below.

1. Prepare a bowl of steaming hot water (not boiling)
2. Sprinkle some make up pigments (lip safe) into the lip balm 
3. Cap the lip balm and put the pot into the hot water for 5-8mins
4. Mix the melted lip balm + pigments using a cotton bud. (Add more pigments if you want a darker color and repeat 3-4)
5. Let it cool or place in a refrigerator to set.
6. Vola, your very own customised lip balm

Sounds easy enough? Try mixing shades of colors for a more customised blend or add gold shimmers and dust for a glittery balm. You can also use a stick balm, just turn the stick to the highest and remove the balm into a small container, follow step 1-5 and pour the melted balm back into the stick to let it set.

Now is the time to dig those makeup pouches for abandoned lip balms. 

The photo you see is the DIY result of Honeylicious.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Outfit: Oversized

It's been a while since I last did one of these. Since I was in the fitting room, why not take a snap. Moreover, I realised I have yet to do a HK shopping loot post. And for once I wore a cardigan for one entire day, not for the purpose of keeping warm. This is what I wore 2 days ago...

Oversized cardigan: Uniqlo (HK)
Top: Vintage (ebay)
Shoes: Vintage Ferragamo (ebay)
Necklace: Vice & Vanity
Bag: H&M (HK)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

why didn't I think of that?!

I apologize for the serious lack of post lately. Been busy/uninspired/pre-occupied/lazy, every single excuse is no excuse. 

Anyway, I came across this amazing cropped suit jacket from Urban Outfitters and fell in love in a heartbeat. It is initially a regular vintage suit jacket and after going thru chopping and stitching, it has regain new life for more wearability. All you have to do is to choose your favourite shade and the rest is considered done by the experts. The awesome part is that the shade and pattern details may vary cause each one is cut from a different vintage suit. Is it cool or is it cool? And all for US$49.99 (was US$68).

Instead of placing an order from UO immediately (which i was tempted to but with there's too much hassle with vpost etc), I'll be hunting down the Salvation Army for an unwanted/unloved jacket and head straight to the tailors. This way, I can ensure a perfect fit and finally own a tux style cropped blazer.