Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wardrobe remixer

Introducing... Boboniaa, she's adorably chic and stylish. She's not a blogger but she's a fabulous wardrobe remixer and vintage lover. I've been flickr-stalking her for sometime now. I love her extensive wardrobe full of clothes and collection of colored pumps, she seems to have them in every color! I never knew you could find such pretty vintage apparels in Bangkok. Can't wait for my next trip there!

Check out her photostream for more clothes!

image source: boboniaa (flickr)


  1. this lady has got a crazyy wardrobe indeed!

    about the darjeeling marshmallows, they are wonderful! if i rem well, they have two other flavours too.

  2. thanks for the info melly! will check it out while im there tomorrow! :)