Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hi, have we met?

It seems like i have been looking for you all my life, where have you been?

Her name is Skye, and shes by Solea from Kurt Geiger
I know, i fall in love so easily, but what can i do? She's a real gem...
(and special thanks to Sarah for introducing us)

Unfortunately, Skye's a little too small for me. But shortly after i bumped into Wood Lane and Frances. They are both knock outs and really tall! In the most perfect shade of pink and blue... 

both by Marc by Marc Jacobs


  1. you seem to always post uber-desirable shoes! those lace ups have the cutest cutouts!

  2. yeah i kinda suspect i have a shoe fetish! but i tend to steer away from heels hence making them even more desirable!!