Friday, August 29, 2008

Have a happy weekend!

Things i'll be doing this weekend...

1. Immediately collect a cake after work and head home to celebrate Daddy's 61st birthday! Which means no walking into Topshop/Zara/Mango etc. Oh, Happy Birthday Pa!

2. Vintage and thrift shopping on saturday. Probably head down to Granny's day out (they're having a 40% storewide!) and deja vu vintage, and then to salvation army at upper serangoon road. Been wanting to visit that place since forever. Do you think i can squeeze in a visit to Soon Lee? I miss Haji Lane.

3. Spend some time creating dainty jewelry from the beads i've bought years back. It's about time i did something out of it.

4. Photo taking of the new jewelry (refer to #3) for my etsy store. Im in need of extra cash for my shopping fix.

5. Rest & relax with whatever time i have left and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Let's see how much i'll manage accomplish.

Image: girlwithcamera from flickr (her photos are awesome! will post more soon, Bye!)


  1. I previously went to the Salvation Army at serangoon road when they were having a sale, and MAN it was really good. They have loads of stuff everywhere but it's so much fun to search and find great stuff. Compared to Bukit Timah's,

    I prefer Serangoon's. Bukit Timah is so neat and everything's easy to find meaning the really good stuff are easily found and hence someone else is likely to find it first.

    So have fun! :) I know I'll be going down to Salvation Army at Serangoon Road again soon! :)

  2. hi faithieee, why didn't you mention this earlier! haha kidding. I missed out on Salvation Army on saturday. Got too caught up with vintage shopping and bargain hunting in the sale racks!

    Now i have to make it down sometime really soon!
    thanks for the tip off!