Tuesday, August 19, 2008

acne jeans

Okay, i know it's kinda late to discover the beauty of the brand, but better late than never right? The acne jeans online shop is amazing, they provide a line drawing of the clothing with the details that can't be seen on screen, like the drape lines etc. And i never notice how a simple basic tee can look so nice and drapey with the right material and detailing. I think i need to invest in a good basic tee soon.

Oh and i've seen this dress on many blogs and magazines but i've never seen the back of it. And if you think the front is amazing, then the back is spectacular. It's one of those unexpected twist you'd never expect just by looking at the front. NOW i really want that dress, plus it's in green! 

Where can i find Acne Jeans in Singapore? Can anyone help me?


  1. Can't you just order your dress at Acne's official online store? I have seen that dress in our local store and it's such a temptation, I love it much especially because of the back. It's so refreshing :)

  2. hi fruchtzwerg, thanks. i can try the online store but they might not ship directly to Singapore, not many european and american sites do. Sadly with a weaker currency, the dress cost quite a bit, hence i feel the need to try it out.

    yeah the back of the dress is such a refreshing surprise. love it.

  3. oh you're right, I just checked Acne's official online shop. They are not shipping to Singapore. Hong Kong and Japan they do, but I don't know if this helps you. Maybe you could write them an email and asked for retailers in Singapore which offers Acne products?

  4. i want to know this too... will post an enquiry on Fashion Nation later.. (:

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