Sunday, August 24, 2008


The last i recalled carrying a backpack was during my secondary school days. That was when outdoor bags were cool and everyone had one. Since then i've never bought or intend to buy backpacks, and i've moved on from backpacks to clutches and tote. Backpacks were never cool again, until i saw this Eastpak x Raf Simons collaboration. The basic black and white with a dash of colors. Simple yet brilliant!

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  1. YES YES YES!!!

    I'm having this sudden interest with backpacks again! And when these first came out during Spring 08 of Raf Simons, I was really lusting for them already! And now, a year after, I still haven't got my hands on any backpacks yet. HAHA!

  2. hi triat, yeah its extremely lust worth for a bag pack! but i think it cost like $700? not sure if its USD or SG hahahaha