Sunday, August 31, 2008

Standing ovation

Okay, i finally did it. It was a nightmare and a hit on the head. When the girls at Fashion Nation showcased their collection of shoes, followed by wottoncool and the swirl girls, i wanted to get mine out of their boxes and display them online. I salute you ladies, it was practically a cardio work out on its own! Removing them from the boxes, bending over (ok this sounds slightly obscene) to put them in place and packing them back into their boxes was a complete nightmare.

I knew i had many pairs of shoes (and bags and clothes and accessories), but i didn't realised they were THIS much! I only managed to remove those i like, wear on a daily basis, or are brand new and haven't worn yet (at least 4 pairs). This does not include my daily birks (5 pairs? a girl can't have enough of them), other sneakers and those i've chucked aside (those in the boxes) for various reasons.

Heels are for occasion only, my prissy feet can't bear the pain that comes along with beauty, i tend to be a bit more practical with my feet. Most of my choices are basic, easy-to-go-with-everything shoes. I also tend to go on certain frenzies, like a 'i need black shoes' frenzy and 'i need colored shoes' frenzy. And of course the occasional funny looking pairs (do you spot the minnie mouse look a-like?).

Since we're at it, shall we do a bag collection too? Okay, maybe not now.


  1. mannn, i saw 2 pairs of shoes i LOVE! are most of them vintage? or snagged frm ebay?

  2. hi haz, thanks! Only 3 pairs are vintage and from ebay! Which two are you eyeing?