Thursday, August 14, 2008

blazing glory

i know many like to layer it on with light pieces and then top it off with a blazer for the finishing look. And i have to agree a blazer always polish a casual look and it makes a jeans + tee combi suitable for the office (again, depending on what kind of work environment you're in). I used to wear my blazer/jacket to work everyday, i practically lived in them. But the recent extreme weather has caused me to ditch them for even lighter clothes and throwing a cardigan in the bag for the office or rainy days. i'd really like to start wearing blazers again but i can't seem to put myself thru the heat. I love how these bloggers pull off each look effortlessly with a blazer. 

one of my favourite ebay stores, Thriftwares, have blazers as a staple for every week's auction. Its amazing how many vintage blazers one can find. On top of that, they always manage to find amazing avant garde capes, extremely fancy but unsuitable for the weather conditions here. Even during the rainy seasons, i'd look really odd walking around in those capes. It just isn't cold enough here.

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  1. Blazers are fabulous and essential. Love this selection of photos!!