Monday, August 18, 2008

Please advice

Okay, i need some experts to advice me on this. I kinda like this dress, the pleats drapes really nicely, but i would like to transform it into a jumper instead. Problem is there's a slit behind. Will this affect the reconstruction of the skirt into a shorts? And will the pleating be retained after converting? Click here for more detailed shots

Some one pleasseeee advice!

image source: venus in vintage


  1. my take on it is, i suspect the pleats would hinder making it into a romper. Seeing how the pleats go all the way down to the lower half of the body.

    perhaps if you know a gutsy seamstress! my experience with seamstresses here is that they don't like to alter dresses that are a little complicated.

    we need a second opinion here!

  2. I agree with Melly. It's really hard to judge till you see the dress inside out. I would say... if you wanted to get it, it's safer not to change anything... =)

  3. yikes. But Thanks ladies! Now i have to think about whether i should get it.