Thursday, August 28, 2008

Catherine Holstein

Her name is Catherine Holstein and she designs the cutest clothes! One of the selected Nylon(japan) It-brand of the moment! She made a splash in the scene in 2007 and Mischa B. was spotted wearing the nautical inspired top from her collection.

Her Fall 2008 collection is sweet like candy. Loose tops + structured bottoms, with the use of lemony yellow on selected pieces, keeping the rest of the colors neutral. The large pleats are extremely hard to resist! Great detailing + a slouchy fit for the prefect fall! Love the jumper dress to death!

Images: Nylon (japan) Sept 2008, 


  1. oh her collection is great! i love that coat(?) in the middle in the bottom picture!

  2. Pleated skirts... I could eat all of them up!

  3. carrie/wishwishwish: yeap it's a cape cum coat. Her collection is so adorable!

    Sarah: go eat! feast on them! looks yummy right?