Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the hen or the egg?

At first i was intrigued by the photography, nothing extremely spectacular, but the sheerness and whiteness of the entire spread looks refreshingly dazed. And then i noticed the amazing neck pieces and found it uncannily familiar. They resembles the pieces done by kwodrent, a local designer/artist. And i thought proudly, hey, that's made in Singapore! But when i took a closer look, the credit goes to Ka/Pow/Wow

Kwodrent, the brainchild of Grace Tan, is a progressive series of clothing and fabric works based on the study of rectangles, reference to the material and construction methods. It has blurred the line between art, fashion and architecture. Ka/Pow/Wow on the other hand, does neckpieces inspired by Jacobian  ruffs and natural structures such as fruit and corals, handcrafted from reclaimed textiles. Ka/Pow/Wow is all about dramatic neckpieces. 

Both extremely clever and pretty, so which came first? But i believe such coincidental ideas do exist without any piracy involved too. 

image: Ka/Pow/Wow (left), Kwodrent (right)

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