Monday, August 25, 2008

random streetstyle

There was this one time when i was walking down town and spotted a girl wearing a teal blue tights, the color is amazing and all but i started giggling to myself. The first thing that came to my mind was smurfs. it was just a thought. The girl didn't at all look or dress like smurf, it was just the color, and besides, smurfs legs are white not blue. And i do applaud those who dare to wear funky colored tights. It's not exactly the easiest thing to pull off. And this girl spotted on hel-looks just did. She looks great in those tights. i have yet to get myself the colors i mentioned so many times. 

Oh and while surfing thru hel-looks, this girl made this bubble floral skirt out of an old trousers! Amazing!


  1. hel-looks is one of my favourite street style blogs - the people are fantastically unique. i think coloured tights are great in our sunny island, more so than black - i guess colour looks good in the tropics.

  2. Coloured tights always look the best of skinny legs... I always wanted to wear them... but I ain't got the Kate Moss leg factor going on...

    If I did, I'd wear pink, blue, green, yellow.... you name it, I'd wear it! LOL

  3. i have to agree, you'd need skinny legs for these. I've tried deep purple, still kinda close to black. It does bring out an outfit instantly!