Friday, August 29, 2008

No more blues, but a marshmallow frenzy

Firstly, YAY! Genevieve of Genevieve Gail emailed me and she will be making me one of the vespa necklace as seen in the previous post but in red! How cool is that? Now i'm ready for the weekend!

Thanks Melly for the terrific recommendation! This is my 2nd trip back to Meidi-ya for these Darjeeling marshmallow and this time i grabbed the coffee flavoured ones too! Posh-nosh of Urban will approve of this! 

The coffee aroma burst out of the bag the moment it is opened. Strong in scent, light and fluffy in taste. The only down is that the marshmallows are not as bite size as the Darjeeling ones. These are bigger, like the normal white marshmallows. It's obvious we couldn't resist, we finished 3/4 the pack before it's being photographed! 

Needless to say, the Darjeeling ones are great!

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