Wednesday, November 5, 2008

vintage ain't just about the clothes

During the usual etsy surfing for vintage clothes, I somehow chanced upon these vintage electronic home wares and "toys". I am in total awe that according to the seller, most of these items are still in working condition. Let's go down the list...

Okay, this is about the most adorable telephone I have ever seen! I mean i've seen many types of vintage phones, but this baby pink donut shaped one is uber cute! It is a circa 1970s phone and still in working condition. It features a faux rotary dial with flash, redial, ringer and receiver volume control, what more do you need right? If i have a home of my own, this will be in it.

Anyone can guess what this is? Apparently, it is a 1964 Kenner easy bake oven. Extremely rare (I Bet it is!) and still in "working" condition. Though it lights up and gets heated, i doubt you can seriously 'bake' with it, can you? I'm no expert. Maybe you can, maybe you can't (how do you even know how to operate it?), but what the heck,  it's gonna be hell cool to have one of this on display in the house. It will definitely be a conversational piece for party guests. An guess what, it only stands at 14" high (I have bags much bigger than this thing!)

*The Easy Bake over was born in Kenner in 1963. It is a working toy oven. After its "official" introductory at a toy fair in 1964, more than 500,000 units were sold. The initial retail price was $15.99. By 1967, more than 2 million sets were sold in the United States.

okay, this one is pretty straight forward, it's a 1968 Suzy Homemaker mixer for girls. Looks pretty much like the ones we use in this century. This set, may not work, but it's ultimately adorable. The robin blue is enough to make my heart flutter.

THIS! is freaking cute! It is a circa 1949 made by Taylor Tot baby stroller / toddler walker. It features a metal body with working brakes and removable handles with a play/snack tray for the little ones. It will be the perfect shower gift for any vintage mum to be! No doubt there will be rusting due to age, but that's what vintage is about, the beauty of the wears and tears yet surviving till this very day. Kid or no kid, i'd love to have one just for display. 

All items from jess james jake


  1. Oh my, that phone is so totally cute that I would actually consider getting a landline again just so I could use it.

  2. even if not for usage, it's awesome for display!

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