Monday, November 3, 2008

tea for three

Somehow it just happened. I met up with melly and sarah on a bright sunny afternoon for the preview of the new collection at Bianca, it was officially my first bloggers meet up. I never thought i'd ever had done it in the first place. wow. Anyway, Melly and I went to school today, so technically we already knew each other (we even took neo prints together back then!). But that was eons ago and we've lost all contact only until recently through blogging. Sarah is a fellow blogger and somehow there is a certain "connection" that lead us to finally meet up.

Anyway, Sarah beat me to it by blogging about it first, but i had to wait cause all the photos are with her anyway. We had drinks and snacks (gossips included of course) at The Coffee Nation, light shopping along Haji Lane and headed to Front Row at Ann Siang Hill. There's a sale going on at Front Row right now, the pieces are lovely and the prices are still some what steep. But all in all it was a lovely afternoon with the girls, these girls are very real and fun to be around. 

I hope there will be more of such to come ladies! And next time we'll have real desserts with coffee! Thanks for the lovely afternoon.

images courtesy of sarah


  1. You didn't mention lovely SCORCHING HUMID afternoon! lol.

  2. rahahaha it was freakin warm man, everyday is. it's making me dread stepping out.

  3. Beautiful, ladies! Love the striped dress!


  4. sarah, melly: yes! a freaking humid afternoon. oh god im so glad i didn't fall into wearing tights that morning.

    carrie: Thanks!

  5. Haha, I love the colors/lighting of the pictures, so old school! :)