Friday, November 21, 2008

bangs bangs bangs

I have been thinking a lot about Heidi's bangs. They're longer and choppier than the blunt ones I have right now. Very cute. I am getting sick of wearing the same bob for the past I don't know how long, 2/3 years? My hair has reached its set point, it grows back to the same look after every cut (it has a 3 months span). I'm not complaining about my hair stylist, I think among all the stylist I've gone to, Gil is the best. His cut allows my hair to outgrow nicely without having to return for another cut after 3 months. It's the set point that's annoying me.

Now, I wonder if this will work for me but in a shorter form. I can never grow my hair this long. And besides, I have a tendency to tie them once it reaches a certain length. I'm only afraid it might just make my face look a lot rounder than it already is!

what do you think?


  1. oh i like heidi's bangs there.. much better than the last two.. the only thing is longer bangs tend to get sideswept.. like mine.. cause they tend to get in my eyes.. but i guess you'll just need to trim them more often

  2. Love those blunt bangs, esp. on Heidi!


  3. thanks ladies. looks like everyone is in favour of heidi's bangs!

  4. I opt no bangs! ..... I used to keep bangs but it was so hard cause I'd keep sweeping upwards away from my face. You know how hot it is, I might seem like a really great idea initially but we must think practically yer know. But then again... Good presesntation is never easy.