Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New best friend

I have never been a make up girl, i guess my vanity for make up came late. Or it could be due to the fact that I have acne prone skin, and somehow make up causes the out break to worsen. But with the new revolution of make ups and the discovery of mineral foundation, this is now my new best friend. The wonders of a foundation, a little pump and spread, voila even complexion! A tiny squeeze of some cream blusher and you'll get naturally rosy cheeks. Why wasn't mineral make up discovered earlier? I'm taking baby steps with the make up to avoid the drastic change from sans make up to a fully powdered face. 

So, some help here. What are the BASIC items to purchase? I have a liquid foundation (M.A.C), power foundation (Loreal) and cream blusher (body shop), oh yes and a gel make up remover (clinique). I need to know what are the things I need to complete an au natural look (on a budget) and the after care to avoid nasty break out. Not forgetting I'm in glasses 24/7 so heavy eye make up is not recommended. 

Recommendations on a lip balm would be great too! I know many rave about Kiehl's lip balm, but that does not work for me. I have been using it for months now but my lips are still chapped. I've read about Pin Up Balm, it seems awesome especially with the reviews on the irresistible  flavours. But I'm steered towards the packaging more than anything else.

Discovering make up is like discovering hot fudge on sunday! How can one go without it for so long.


  1. I've used multiple brands of lip balm but i've finally settled on Carmex. You can get them at Apothecary at Raffles City? Behind Canele. It's about $3 for the small pot. Can check it out here:

  2. Will definitely check it out. It's cheap too! compared to many other brands.


  3. ooh i use bare minerals as my base makeup and i actually quite love it!

  4. The natural look is the hardest to achieve. You really end up using more make up than ever!

    If you do not have flawless skin (which one of us really do?) invest in some concealer. I like the ones from bobbi brown as they really do blend into the skin.

    I will also suggest getting your eyebrows done by a professional as it really opens up your eyes. So the next thing to invest in is naturally a pair of tweezer and eye brow pencil.

    Wearing glasses does not mean you cannot play with your eyes. Eyeliner and mascara will help to further open up your eyes.

    Get some lipgloss too. Lancome juicy tube has some really nice ones.

    And I agree with everyone else. Carmex rocks! (I have been using it for 8 years now)

  5. issa: thanks, is bare minerals the brand or the type of make up? im an idiot when it comes to this.

    the fashion bible: woah! thanks for the recommendations and a summarized guide!

  6. i'd say carmex or burt's bees for lip balm. these two are best.

    basic makeup wise, i swear by chanel liquid foundation, chanel loose powder. they give you a flawless look, even on days with very tired skin.

    my blusher recommendation is benefit dandelion. you can use it on its own, it gives you this perfect flush! dottie, and many of my other friends use it too.. its very suitable for asian skin tones.

    mascara! super important! Maybelline is pretty good (or so i heard), i'm using helena rubenstein now, it's really great for thickening.

    makeup is super fun if you've got the time for it... have loads of fun exploring!

  7. i want to try a mac product soon! maybe their powder or something. is the liquid foundation oily?

  8. hi stephie: Thanks! Carmex is no longer available at Apothecary. argh. Im trying to get my hands on it via a friend in states now. *fingers are crossed. OOhh i love Benefit, but dandelion doesn't look nice against my skin tone, i've tried it. But i love 10 thou!

    Hi Nicole: I think mac is like THE product for most cosmetic fanatics. haha. The liquid mineral foundation isn't oily but you still need the power to matify. The select press powder is sheer and does a good job for touching up! do try

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