Thursday, November 6, 2008

life in the sea

I have been looking for a pair of shoes (preferably flats) in the shade of mint green / sea foam but it seems almost impossible to find. Though I happen to chance upon a pretty pair of classic mary-jane with chunky heels in a refreshing peppermint green, the S$109 (discounted) price tag seems a little steep for the pockets. Considering I ain't good with heels, I continue my hunt for this pretty shade of green in various forms. My initial point of search always start with ebay or etsy, and definitely vintage.

This vintage Lanvin shirt has the most adorable little illustrations of birds on a line and houses. 

I've been contemplating about this jumper darling. It's so adorable, and perfect with tights. So, what's holding me back? I'm not sure either.

I'm a sucker for vintage suitcases and this tapestry overnight case is no exception. I love old movies with people carrying vintage suitcases waiting at train stations, that scene is strongly set in my head. Somehow i've always wanted one despite knowing that it will not even be sufficient for light traveling. How do they stuff things into those little cases? Especially in eras where women are seen in flouncy dresses and men in tux and suits. In my opinion, with one of those, it will make a perfect traveling photo.

But alas, this perfect shade of sea foam pumps, unfortunately not my size. I'm at a lost for words when it comes to describing this pair of shoe. Just... pretty.

images: all from etsy


  1. That jumper is a darling! And i think the colour would look good on you too.

  2. ah yes it's a lovely color.

    le sigh i have just surrendered my other bank account atm to the gf, im contemplating removing the card from paypal to further impose this im-overspending-every-single-month ban.

  3. i find putting money aside start of every month really works for me. so you know whatever's left is what you can afford to spend all. suggestion!

  4. i do that too, but when i overspend i know i have money somewhere else, hence the extra account! it's a vicious cycle for me. sigh.

  5. I adore the jumper... and the color is simply gorgeous!! It's definitely worth adding to the closet!!!


  6. I've never really paid much attention to this colour, but I've got to say I'm now really craving a pair of sea foam coloured sunglasses! (strangly enough)