Thursday, November 6, 2008

make an investment

I've been thinking about vintage "investment" (aka designer) pieces lately, like the Ferragamo Vara pumps i scored on ebay some time back (I still aim to buy the iconic varina when on sale of course). I've started to search beyond just shoes, and most of the times there are really unique pieces out there to be found. With a little patience and pocket loads of cash, anyone can own a designer piece from the past. 

This vintage Lanvin pendant necklace stands at US$227.50 and ends in 2 days. It's wayyyyy beyond what I can afford.

I am so in love with this vintage Ferragamo purse/clutch. It's my first time seeing this design. Slap a pretty bow on anything and I'm sold. Already at US$68, I doubt it will stay at that price for long. Place your highest bid and show me your win!

sources: ebay

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