Monday, November 24, 2008

Winter in Hong Kong

NEWS FLASH! I'll be spending the new year in Hong Kong (my long awaited break!). I need to know how cold will it get and how warm should i keep. When i think of New year's day in Hong Kong, I think of Andy Lau in the streets wearing a trench, it's probably a scene from some movie i've seen. But seriously, I need to know how thick my jackets/coats should be. Are boots mandatory or are flats sufficient? I've been to Hong Kong in September mostly and the weather is just like sunny Singapore, so any and everything about winter in Hong Kong will be great, thanks!

I'd love to look like these ladies during those times, warm and snuggly under those coats and layers. I'm already preparing for my holiday wardrobe.

images: stockholm streetstyle, garance dore, copenhagen streetstyle


  1. awww the last photo melts my heart! So damn adorable!

  2. Oh I want everything!!! Especially the girl with the pink braid scarf and peeptoes. You've chosen such elegant ladies. I love your wee blog and am adding you, right now!

  3. I went in dec 06 and all i brought was a normal zipup jacket and i almost died! I would say to at least bring a decent coat. Or if not, layer sweaters and a nice thick scarf.

    Unless you enjoy running about in the cold, which i did, then i think your normal office cardigans are enough.

    Also, the HK people dress quite snazzily so no fear about being overdressed! Especially if you go to The Peak or Ocean Park, it would be freezing.

  4. sarah: yeah doesn't look adorable!

    ana b: i totally agree, the pink braid scarf is gorgeous! Thanks!

    Melly: thanks for the tip! totally useful. Now, what to bring along! sheesh! 5 days and so many clothes.