Monday, November 10, 2008

for art sake

we braved the scorching sun and headed to City Hall, one of the Singapore Biennale site. Lucky for us, the building has air conditioning. It was one freaking hot Saturday afternoon. Some random photos from the exhibit in poladroids (Im poladroiding everything).

Kids Biennale area. We've quite a bunch of talented little ones in this small country.

Oh this is interesting. There's a pulley system that will undo the knitted vines leaving them in a pile of wool thread.

Video installation, the one below is tik being "integrated" into the picture.

a nursery of flowers laser cut from metal pieces, extremely intricate.

floating book, at some point it looks kinda like a jelly fish.


a hell lot of paint! it was featured on an entire wall at the entrance.

and that's me, standing in front of an art installation.


  1. I totally love the book in water installation... Would love to see all the artworks around Singapore.. but yeah TOO HOT lahhh....!!

    And where is your dress from? there's a bow.. anything with a absolutely spanking cute!

  2. Hi Sarah, oh that's not a dress and the bow is plonked on. The bow's from the salvation army, cheap and good!

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