Monday, December 22, 2008

It's been a week?!

Last week was pure madness, I've been slogging my ass at work all week with little/no time to blog. Blame it all on the festivities, and since I'll be away for the entire week soon, colleagues are rushing for everything to be done and out before i leave. 

So there were some last minute shopping and catch up over the weekend before the holidays arrive. And since I was in town, I dropped by the newly open Sephora. The newest kid in town from France. It is the playground for all beauty junkies. What i totally adore is that consumers are free to touch and test products without the consultants hovering around you (unlike most beauty counters at department stores). And best of all, prices are right before your eyes, no need to overturn products (or ask) for price tags. It is a stress free beauty shopping environment. 

The Sephora cosmetic gondolas are slightly too close for comfort, but the palettes of cosmetic products will lure you into squeezing with the crowd. Lip gloss galore, in huge tubes for just 20bucks per pop and an eye shadow palette of 5-6shade for 32bucks. You get the idea. Sephora has also introduced new brands into the island such as two-faced, becca and i.d Bareminerals. Just make a mental note that these are pricer than purchasing online (what isn't now a days!).

If you're looking for gifts within the $20 and below range, go check out their toiletry collection, in tubes of high saturated hues, these babies make fantastic holiday gifts. Huge tubes of bath gel, bath scrub and body lotion in up to 10 different scents to choose from (im diggin the grapefruit ones) all below 20 bucks. They smell so yummy, I might just lick them all up while bathing. They have these small tubes of mist spray in the size of lip glosses for 10 bucks each (great for the office gift exchange!). And best of all, they provide gift wrapping free! In fancy red sheets, the staffs there will wrap your pressies in various holiday style. 

My only complain, why no NARS! Maybe with more consumer requests, they might just bring it in soon. Anyway, there are plans for 2-3 more stores on its way here! Go beautify yourself for Christmas! Have you gotten your Christmas dress yet?


  1. i feel so guilty it's like you're asking me! and no, i havent gotten a dress and i think i'm not getting one. poooey.

    i want to check Sephora out! but definitely after all the holiday shoppers go back to work, it's been crazy out there isn't it!!

  2. haha i wasn't targeting at you! anyway do check out Sephora, esp their in-house brand. Happy holidays!