Thursday, December 4, 2008

Benefit this!

Being an industry insider of making things pretty and applying sweet talking thru copy, I of all the many consumers should have known better that it is all about product branding and everything that comes along with it, and that includes really really really cute packaging. But having known all that, I am still SUCKERED into the fancy brand image and pretty boxes of Benefit Cosmetics (See how cute the logo looks with the italicized 'f'?). The Benefit counters are the ones that really stand out among the sea of (black and white) cosmetic counters at the departmental stores. 

First impression - how can you resist good-looking packaging with pin-up looking mannequin-like girls like Gabbi, Lana and Betty? They have names! Not forgetting the perfect whacky product names like ''Some kind-o Gorgeous" (foundation), "get even!'' (press powder) and "high beam" (highlighter. I WANT!). The brand became famous for delivering quick fixes for every gal's peskiest beauty dilemma in the most light-hearted way possible with good products and whacky one liners. SEE! it's all about branding and those fancy names and description isn't helping me to stay sane. It's like playing make up with your little niece's play set!

I hope these products deliver what they promise (all that sweet talking), I have so much hopes for them. TheGloss (lip gloss) is doing it's job as we speak, no complains yet. One major complain thou, it cost approximately 15% more from the counters than purchasing them online. Pretty packages + laugh-out-loud names, what else can you ask for? Besides, dollin' up's supposed to be fun, no?


  1. Apparently Benefit is pretty good, but imma stick to good old MAC.

    I tried Paul&Joe makeup, ended up with red blotches on my face... Very bad. And I bought that cause of the packaging.

    Moral of the story: We are all suckers for pretty things. (especially designers!!)

  2. holy crap, is paul&joe that horrible? i just bought the eye shadow from the sale nearby my office! But indeed, the packaging is awfully pretty. Do you know they even engrave the flowers on the lipstick?

    all suckers unite!

  3. Oh yes, I'm a sucker for packaging! That dandelion powder is gorgeous <3

  4. "that gal" is really good.. i use it often!