Friday, October 10, 2008

Aye aye Captain!

This came in the post last week and now it's back from the dry cleaners. Remember my obsession with blazers and coats with contrast pipings? After a high and low search, scrolling thru pages after pages on ebay and etsy, this is the closest i found to what Blair Waldorf has. They may not be the perfect little coat like hers, but this is good enough. I got this from vintagemode on etsy, but it might not be vintage afterall. My mum thinks it looks formal and claims she used to have something like that (damnit! where is it mummy?). With those cute little collar, huge fabric buttons, fake contrasting pockets and sleeves, I wonder, which part of it screams formal? What the heck, vintage, formal or not, its adorable and I'm loving it.  

Now, what should i be wearing them with? Suggestions, suggestions! Can't wait to put them on.

image source: vintagemode


  1. aw the white contrast collar and big buttons are so cute!

    this is so tacky but my instinct was to try it over a stripey dress or something. or maybe striped leggings! that'd be quite rad :D

  2. OH and my you do have some great shopping and money saving tips heh. so evil!!!!!! but i like :D

  3. Thanks jo! I happen to have a stripey dress, which isnt in a nautical color so it might actually work! heh Want to die, die together! Or in this instance, go broke together hahahaa

  4. so fun, I love navy! :)

    xo/ fashion chalet

  5. i'm guessing maybe your mom imagined a navy a-line skirt to go with the blazer and so she thought it'd look formal? lol. ok but you said your mom is hip.

    i just ordered my first blazer from UO to throw over for meetings and really, i could use some ideas from you!

  6. hi fashion chalet, thanks!

    Melly, my mum used to be hip, now? hahaha ANyway, i'm trying to dig the brains of others for ideas too! I guess throwing it on with jeans and dresses are the easiest.