Tuesday, October 7, 2008

in the Pink of health

In support of womanhood, victims and survivors of breast cancer, let's try to incorporate Pink into our daily outfits for this entire month of October. Take a cue from these stylish people in the streets. Dress fully in Pink or subtle details in which ever way you prefer. Now I'm desperately trying to dig out whatever Pinks i have in my wardrobe and fit them into my daily wears. 

Let's paint the town Pink!


  1. That's a swell collage of prettys in pink. Leigh Lezark!!

  2. hello! can i ask, will you selling any think waisted belts or any brown waisted belts? heh. thanks!!

  3. hi haz, Not at the moment. Waisted belts are still in trend and we're still hunting for more. Why not try scoring for one on ebay?

    We'll be listing new products as soon as i get over this lazy phase. If u reside in Singapore, come down to SMU, 17-18oct!

  4. oooh i love the pop of pink everywhere! i don't really own much pink.. maybe i should!

  5. no worries, i'm singaporean! i'll be going for hari raya visits on both days, so i can't make it to your flea! sigh. if you happen to have anything like this (http://strike-match.blogspot.com/2008/08/every-problem-is-just-opportunity.html), let me know! thanks babe ;)

    i've searched on ebay, man it's kinda tough to get pretty ones at reasonable prices. hmmm..

  6. Love this post, esp. that fuchsia coat! I did a pink thing on Monday :)


  7. issa, thanks! neither do i! i guess accessories or pink florals on dresses counts?

    couture carrie: thanks. Do more pink! esp for this month of october. I'm still trying to pull pink pieces out of my wardrobe!

    haz: Selamat hari raya. will keep u posted as soon as i find something similar.

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