Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happenings: Weekend Bazaar

Should you be in the vicinity or a student at SMU, please come down to the Weekend Bazaar at SMU School of Economics this Friday and Saturday 12pm - 10pm. I have a booth selling pre-loved, vintage and brand new apparels, shoes and bags as well as handmade accessories from my own etsy store. Tons of pieces from high street brands, menswear for those who love to create menswear inspired outfits (or for the bf), vintage pieces from our personal collection and many other pre-loved but brand new never worn before pieces. Lots of items for sale, in fact I think we might not have enough space for everything to be displayed!

Come down and say hi please!


  1. oh no.....please post any leftovers at sundaygoods! i hope you do!

    all the best for the flea! ;)

  2. Hi Haz, thanks for the support! Please help spread the word to friends whom you might think will be keen!

    Also, i have tons of images taken but i'm just too lazy to post them! will do so after the flea. i promise. Let me know what you're looking for i'll dig thru the pile again!

  3. I have a few pieces from sundaygoods that i'm interested, if they're nt sold at the flea pls inform me!!

    btw pls update!!

  4. Hey hey, this may be random but I just have to say that I like all those combo's of colours in your photo you've posted.

    doodles! x

    Prettyneons :)

  5. Hi Pinogal, Thanks for dropping by the stall today!

    Prettyneons: Thanks! They're actually pieces of pre-loved clothings for sale.