Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obsession #474 - Harlequin

After spotting the Clothes Horse in this Harlequin print dress, it became my new obsession and mission to scrawl through the internet once again. I barely had any luck with ebay nor etsy, nothing came close to what I had in mind until i saw this on the runway of Moschino!

Black & white harlequin printed outfits with awesomely humongous bows! How can one resist? Now I'll just have to sit and wait for highstreet labels to rip off this look into their coming collections. Hurray for highstreet fashion!



  1. i saw a harlequin dress!!!! on ebay!!! but it's a bandage dress la, but i dont think it's your style right.

  2. Hahah yup i think i know which ebay store you're referring to. It's a black and white harlequin? *wink. i don't have that good a bod for that dress! But thanks!