Monday, October 6, 2008

COMME home with me

I want the pants, jacket, shoes, bag, wallet and shirt! This collection from H&M by Comme des Garcons is so gonna sell out. Polka dots are hard to resist, polka dots by Comme des Garcons is a MUST have. As well as the deconstructed style jackets with oh-so-adorable collars! Peter pan collars + polka dots = ultra cuteness I cannot say no to. God help me get a piece of this collaboration! Even the men's collection is uber cute. Look at those huge dotted bermudas matched with the same tee (looks like a full jumpsuit!).

images via Nitro-licious


  1. My love belongs to the deconstructed jackets. They are so super cool and something like that is hardly sold in Germany for an affordable price. So yeah, hands on the jackets for sure!

  2. hi fruchtzwerg, Im sure you'll be heading to h&m on 13 Nov then! Lucky u!

  3. you're like me, we want everything! but we're so far away from the h&m goodness.