Sunday, October 26, 2008

Traditional vs Modern

This post if gonna be photo intensive. It was a Friday night of cam-whoring.

We were out to celebrate Tik's birthday and it was definitely a hell of a celebration. We had a Sou Tao (LongevityPeach) ordered before hand. For those who are not familiar Sou Tao (Longevity Peach) is a traditional "cake" thingy eaten during the birthday of a elderly. It is believed that it can prolong your life for an additional 500 years (yeah right!). Anyway, Tik is not exactly an elderly but it was hilarious. To indulge in the theme of a traditional birthday, we made reservations at Red Star Restaurant for a 9-course sit down chinese dinner, extremely kitchy i say. It's what we call "Jia Tok" i have no idea how to translate that.

the extremely ornamented ceiling.

Huge Sou Tao with baby Sou Taos hidden inside. Like some alien life form! We couldn't stop snapping. The cook thought it was a birthday celebration of some old folk.

To continue with the theme, we headed to New Majestic Hotel for drinks. New Majestic Hotel is a boutique hotel at Bukit Pasoh (Chinatown) with rooms designed by various artists.

And here is where all the snapping began.

It's freaky how the animals look so damn real!

All the following photos were taken against one wall. It kinda gave a mood with one spot of light source from the top. There were lots of art directing going on. We had photos that were good for advertising campaigns like the yellow ribbon project, drug addicts, child abuse, not exactly very happy. We probably shot enough for an entire portfolio in one night haha. Noelle's Sony cybershot took the best photos, they capture the mood of the lightings surrounding the area almost exactly like how it was. Unlike the Panasonic Lumix i was using, all the photos turned out extremely red, so when the individual shots were taken, it kinda look like girls from a red light district.

this shot works for a depression campaign. No?

The girls are endorsing Senada Theory.

irregular choice vs schu. Obviously the irregular choice wins!

dress: marc by marc jacobs
purple tights: far east plaza (I need a new one, it keeps sliding down)
shoes: yellow ballet flats/ schu
bag: massimo dutti

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