Thursday, October 2, 2008

Outfit - Past few days

Okay this week came and almost gone in a flash. Fash-bash was great and packed with ladies, it was a fashion mad house, but everyone were nice and polite even with all the squeezing. There were tons of good buys from the various sellers, many were giving 20% off and additional discounts for cash payments etc. I'm sure many had scored fabulous deals from baylene, the pieces were going at a great steal! As far as I'm concerned, I was trying to keep my wallet in my bag for as long as possible. Well, I managed to resist the temptation from all that glorious clothes calling out. Tried a couple of pieces here and there but didn't buy any, I have to save for a trip. Oh, the Swirl girls are lovely! So were many other sellers. Think i spotted a couple of familiar faced, was too shy to say hi. :) Sarah from wottoncool is so much taller in person (compared to photos)!! I felt like a midget standing beside her.

Okay, below is the outfit i wore on Monday. And this photo was taking in the fitting room while trying on my new jumper dress worn yesterday! The top is vintage, from etsy, it's really cute. It has a irregular clown-like collar. The sleeves used to be really long with some puffing and ruffles, but it was way too oversized and I felt it needs less, hence it was shorten. The original can be seen here.

top: vintage/etsy
belt: from another dress/ mango
pants: G2000
shoes: vintage/ebay

So, here's another doodle of what i wore yesterday, all the shopping and we forgot to take proper photos! And pl was acting shy and all. I was pulling off the jumper straps to try on clothes at the individual stalls, no image retained! Oh, and i have a new do! To quote my hair stylist, it's a boxy bob. Looks more round than boxy to me. But nonetheless, i LOVE it! I've never really dislike any cut done by him. His cuts last pretty long for a short hair standard. No complains. 

top: paul smith pink/ club21
dress: denim jumper/pull and bear
shoes: yellow ballet flats/ schu
bag: faux croc granny bag/ Urban oufitters

I forgot to add the string of red plastic beaded necklace i was wearing! The outfit yesterday was spring inspired, cute florals, light denim and candied colored accessories. 


  1. The blouse looks spectacular after taking off the sleeves, just oh-so-cute-la!

  2. awww lovely outfit!! and that sketch is freakin adorable!!

    the nyc photos were taken by a friend with his nikon d300.. most of my shots are on my canon sd700is :)