Thursday, October 23, 2008

Project Runway Finale

At the beginning of the latest season of Project Runway (season 5) I thought the designers were mediocre no one really stood out for me (Okay maybe 1 or 2 did), and maybe because we've seen fantastic designers from past seasons like Christian, Rami, Chloe and Jeffrey. But gradually, I started rooting for Leanne and i like Kenley's style (the vintage thing is adorable). Thankfully they made it to Bryant Park! 

I have been avoiding all S/S09 reviews that covers any part of the Project Runway finale in order to watch it myself. The anticipation builds especially having a glimpse of it on various blogs. I am in awe of the final collections coming from the finalist and I must say, it was a good show. Korto's collection was nice, but it didn't appeal much to me. They were just pretty pieces but i have to agree that they will appeal to many women out there. I did adore the color palette of her collection thou. Leanne and Kenley's stood out, and I'm so glad it did.

Leanne's collection is so Leanne. I'm a fan of architectural designs on clothings and I love the sculpture and wave-like pleats. This girl is really good! Some may say that her collection was too literally since the inspiration was waves, but i think otherwise. The soothing colors complimented the soft pleats and petals very nicely. It helped that she took the liberty to create ready to wear pieces from dresses to pants and jackets, it really showed her ability to create. And her craftsmanship was impeccable! They looked professionally done and can pass off as works of any shows during the week. I would wear every single piece from her collection. Did i mention that her wedding dress is divine? She can be the next vera wang. She is definitely on my fashion radar. 

Kenley's fellow designers calls her a one trick pony. And this one trick pony can really design a fabulous collection! Like Leanne's collection, Kenley's collection is just so Kenley. It has Kenley written all over the dresses. Her vintage inspired collection really appeal to me. It was kooky and quirky yet feminine. Each piece is a short story and the entire collection makes up the book. It has a dramatic silhouette which I like but i have to agree with the judges that it did look a little like Balenciaga's. What i really adore is that she hand painted the prints on the dress. I can really see her in the catagory of Betsey Johnson, a little bit of Luella and Anna Sui. This girl is creative and talented but she needs to work on her attitude. 

image source: fabsugar

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