Sunday, April 12, 2009

Young Blood

You know how some are born with style as part of their genetic DNA? This little girl is one of them. It was gonna be a post on the amazing print on print layering you see above but then I notice how young AND stylish she is. Only 12 an she's already dressing like a style-meister. Definitely one to look out for. When you're wearing those floral doc martens, you're definitely on my list!

see more of her here.



  1. Ohw, se is sooo cool! It's so strange, because she's so young. With almost 19years old I think I dont have a nice style, but she's only 12 and looks so confident!

  2. Omg!!! She is really cool. Thanks for the link! Now I can go home and further accuse my Mum of ruining my childhood by putting me in those ugly table cloth dresses.

  3. maca, fashion bible, i know what you mean. Some just have it in their nature