Monday, April 6, 2009

Cut me a new do

I haven't had a hair cut for the past 5 months, why? I was trying to have my hair grown out to have it cut like this. Unfortunately, the heat has been a killer lately, and it's been getting harder to wash my hair due to the thickness and length. I'm waving the white flag and getting a hair cut today. I love getting a new do. And after collecting so many styles that I'd so love to have, I've narrowed them down to the above two.

The one on the left is just too adorable to pass. I totally adore the unevenness of the fringe down to the sides. It's like a new bob with a twist. And the other has a devil may care look, who cares if it's a blunt fringe with layered sides. I'm so into the mixture of texture. It's messy, it's sexy. 

Now I can't decide.

image source from random japanese magazines


  1. I really like the first one. But, depends what you prefer : the first one needs more care, and the second one, you can have days that you wake up and don't even need to brush your hair :P For two years by know I have haircuts that don't need to brush and look always great :)

  2. maca, thanks for the comments! I've gotten the new do and it's a mix of the two choices! And like you said, i don't have to brush my hair anymore.

  3. did you get the cut yet? if so, you should post some pics! :)